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Lewis Jian

Why Not Let Our Story Drift Away
It was in the season 
when daffodils were in full bloom
that we came across each other
Like two trails 
once crossing each other
now you've gone your way
and I my way
While the leaves are changing 
colors and fading
my heart is getting colder 
I haven't thought of you 
for a long while
let alone dreaming of you
Since it's impossible 
for us to get together again
why not let our story drift away
with the summer breeze
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Ryan Mathyzen

Everyone has the right to say ”no”
Because not everything requires a “yes”
It is not okay to just go with the flow
You have to be committed to your answer
It is okay to say “no”
No matter what it is
You can say no to it
Drugs, alcohol, sex-it does not matter
Do not end up saying “yes” when you wanted to say “no”
Freedom of speech is a movement with a price attached to it
What you say can be your own downfall
So be wise whenever the opportunity arises
Everyone has a tendency to become...
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Lewis Jian

Green Green Grass of Home
When I open wide my eyes to look for my old hometown,
it seems as far as the farthest star in a night sky,
and in a blink of an eye, it's gone.
When I close my eyes,
it's right in front of me, in the mind's eye,
as appealing as a rural tapestry,
with boys running with the wind in a field,
girls playing with water by a brook!
One day
when I eventually close my eyes
and never wake up,
I wonder 
whether my green green grass of home will still exist 
as well as this illusory universe.
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Please Creator whisper to my hearing
If am not meant to make wishes

Whiper gently into my ears
If you don't want anyone to be aware 

I guess you brought me into this world not to make wishes

Please tell me so I don't keep making wishes that 
might never come to be

I guess am not meant for wishes but for safety 
You always safe me from trials and trouble

You are there for me always with me
Alot of people are death we also have those in the hospital who are almost out of breath...
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The greatest teacher, teaches, without speaking.
Poem #2,690 The greatest teacher, teaches, without speaking. 

I’m done telling anyone, anything, about how they should, or shouldn’t be thinking. From now on, I will rather and instead, move in silence and allow another to see what peace looks like, rather than be told about the scale and model. For what good does it do a man to exhaust himself talking, if no one around is partaking in what he calls wisdom. So let me smoke and smile, treating others how I’d like to be treated, regardless of h...
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I operate on faith
Poem #2,689 I operate on faith

I operate on faith, so no man do I fear and no situation do I dread to encounter. I am built for any and every avenue of travel toward success, be it a gravely road, or red carpet laced venues. I stand firm and deeply rooted in my convictions, ready to be a man, whether it be God or another just like me making the call, attempting to test my resolve. Standing in a dark alley, or in the middle of the projects alone, I feel comfortable. The love I have inside, is...
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I have had it up to here
Emotions trying to dig out where

Where should I place my hands
I don't know what to do

I want to travel far and away 
If you ask me I don't know where

Moment you feel so sorried
No one is ready to listen to your plea

Bearing past mistakes like a surname
So pitiful and heavy to bear

Have traveled so far to the four wall corners of the world 
To find solution and ways out 

I have fought so hard struggled given my best
My hopes won't be lost

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Ndiritu Mwangi

Could it be, my soul
you've turned into a highway
where broken hearts-
leave stained footprints 
on their way to happiness
while you remain stagnated,
hoarding their wears and tears;
a receptacle of other's pain
Or I am the sponge, soaking
all their hurt into myself
-whilst they fly off
am left alone, drowning
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I just want to be what you’re looking for.
Poem #2,688 I just want to be what you’re looking for.

I know that I have insecurities, stemming from deeply seeded hostilities, pent up, from decades of abuse, misunderstandings and plain just acting like I knew the answers to a question at hand and didn’t. In each instance and set back, I was put into a position of lesser, all because I couldn’t figure things out, for myself. But instead of looking backwards in determination, reminiscing on all that I have presumably missed out on, I thank...
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bahri hela


Life is a long path
Heavy , but not so rough
living easy is not enough
may be you need a laugh
But life is ready to show its wrath
Life is a miracle
Man always uses his muscles
He is the king of battles
Plays the role of a lover
Thinks ladies are not clever
Man is the core
Values never be deplored
Life he adores
Never stops his chores
Revives the earth with a rake
Brings hope for our sake
His clean heart never be fake
Usually tries to take
The big part of...
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Groundlessness (#1).
Have we transcended the total range of pm acronyms? Not yet, is your silent and implicit response.

The shadows are still taller than our substance.
The heat still unbearable.
The ministrations harmful.
The prime cut now the deepest wound. 

Poor monkeys we are. 
Poor, poor monkeys. 
And that's not to belittle monkeys but to simply further state the case. 

Knitting on the radio. A complicated pattern. Drop one. Noon. So soon? Yet so late. I hear wolves howling like saints. 

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Annette Tarpley

If I forgot to tell you, how much you mean to me, know that you mean more than my words will express

For the words are yet unknown, uncoined, unspoken and is yet to be spilled by a pens ink

If I forgot to tell you how handsome you are, know that you are the only one who takes my breath away

As my heart soars to new heights, released from the bonds of confinement, calmed by the vision of you

If I forgot to tell you how much you complete me, realize that it is only you who makes me who...
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Thinking Out Loud ( Allowed To Think)
My thoughts are not your thoughts 
My experiences are not your experiences 
Please continue to do You
Because like a masturbator I’ve been doing Me
I don’t know how to be anyone or anything else 
All I know is how to be Me
Many like to keep changing like a chameleon
I hate poke but I love Pokémon I keep that fire burning in me like charmeleon 
We’re living in changing times
And people keep changing their faces 
They go Gaga over my poker face 
Because I remain constant 
In a time of...
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Ryan Mathyzen

There are times where we have nothing to say
A lost for words in any given day
For the words that were spoken
Are now thoughts of nothingness
The words that were conjured up
Are now lost in translation
The hour is now too little preparation
The words just do not come out
We are staring at a blank page
The words have already been said
The motivations was already given
Now nothing is left but just to hope and pray
For we stare into a bleak future for us all
But nothing is given nor sh...
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My 12am should be my Genesis 

My 1am should be my Exodus

My 2am should be my Leviticus

My 3am should be my Numbers

My 4am should be my Deuteronomy

My 5am should be my Joshua

My 6am should be my Judges

My 7am should be my Ruth

My 8am should be my Samuel

My 9am should be my Kings

My 10am should be my Ezra

My 11am should be my Esther

My 12pm should be my Job

My 1pm should be my Psalm

My 2pm should be my Proverb

My 3pm should be my Ecclesiastes

My 4pm...
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You've given all you have in you
Your time into treasures
Digging it so hard out
Now you want to walk out so easy

Weakness to strength
You want to fall back to bed like it's nothing
Do you know how it feels when you aren't able to wake to achieve those dreams

Drained yourself up denied yourself alot to get to where you are now
You've worked so hard don't forget your patient
You've gone through all those steps

Giving up is more of you
From Walking you go back to...
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Moment you feel your hopes are gone
Is more like cobwebs around the face

A quick flash from a torch
Is something you never expected

Hopes which have been lost
Came back to return the keys

Moment you feel you are nobody 
Someone somehow somewhere was able to recognized you

Darkness in light 
Light in darkness is necessary

Is more like luck leaving the doors and windows
Comes knocking on the roof like rain

What's greater than hope
Intense pleasure is my recipe

I was so...
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This world is all about picking your pieces
So no one picks them up to hurt you

Am hurt 
I try my best not to hurt others

Am heartbroken
I comfort the heartbroken

Am sad 
I make them smile

I sleep late singing lullaby to make others sleep
I find it hard to sleep 

Am hungry 
I feed others convincing them health is wealth

Don't lock the door
I will love to hear you out

Once in lock doors now am out
Trauma is high class lockdown which you will surely pay with time 

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