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For The Love Of Poetry
I love Poetry like I love sex

I love Poetry like I love coffee 

I love Poetry like I love Anime 

I love poetry like I love sneakers 

I love Poetry like I love good food 
Poetry nurtures my appetite 

Like soul food without it there’s 

A hole in my soul when I write it’s 

With my whole soul it’s like when 
I write nothing else matters just 

What’s on my brain matter no gray

Area just black and white and never 

Saw the color of people to me it 

Doesn’t matter if y...
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When we think of heroes we automatically think of Superman, Wonder-Woman, Batman, Flash, and all the other comic books we read and the television movies we have seen. We think of the superhuman strength, abilities, weapons, they have to attain to be victorious against their enemies. When we think of superheroes, we think of someone out of this world, or something extraterrestrial, from a different dimension and someone who is not like us. Our minds escape reality when we think of heroes however,...
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bahri hela

Hidden hassles
Hide feelings
Have great meanings
It's a secret of things
You consider that boring?
You linked
Feelings and other things

Hide pain
Pains are main
You can't feel the rain
'Can't blame
You'll know In time
Pain is not same
Not a stain
But remains deep in the brain
Sometimes leads to be insane 

Hide love, 
You can't live in ease
Love cease
No need to quiz
Hide your love
like a sting of bees

Hide wrath 
Is changing your path
Put off cloth
Feeling out of health...
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The Eagle (Backup account)

They are precious
Like pearls one won't let go

They grow with them
Just like the branch of a tree

Wild are their ability
And are untamed anytime they visit 

It is a living
That they think of everyday

They are full of emotions
Breeding roses or thorns

No doubt they are powerful
For they give them strength or weakness
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The Eagle (Backup account)

Hot like a steel iron pulled out of fire
Dangerous to be neared like a naked wire with flows of electricity

All it breaths are injury and pain
To the receiver and performer

The green grass shines brightly like emerald 
So it's colour doesn't fade away when stepped upon

Even the wild beast keep to his heels
Because tomorrow's daylight is beautiful to see
And can't be missed

For who can resist the sudden visitor
His uncontrollableness and mischievousness
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The Eagle (Backup account)

It is a gift to see the day's light
Surely, I'm born today to shine

A pleasure to witness wonders around me
Indubitably, I'm born for greatness

To feel, see, hear and breath all seems as magic at first
Later I know I'm designed for a purpose

Gifted to sleep from worries 
So I can dream and make my wishes be realities

This is the day the journey of a thousand miles begin

And at the end of each day of the race, everything I pray to see from the mirror...

Is a face filled with...
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The Eagle (Backup account)

Lifestyle of a dominant king is the young man's thought

More even provoking he wants to rule Kings

Picturing thousands of knights keenly waiting for his command

Spreading his wings and having all what he desires 

Becoming the human he want and having his impact spread like air to mankind

Wanting a life of richdom and freedom

Possessing a bow like that of King David's 

With one shot at the warfront he overcomes the impediments

By his side is a source of motivation 

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Is a choice
Poem #2,715 Is a choice

Poverty Is a choice, so says the rich man who pulled himself from up out of the canyons of such, with little more than his determination, encouragement from his inner voice and daily pushes from his drive. Sacrificing as he went, giving up small pleasures now, for the bigger goals and dreams in mind, by him, to be accomplished later. Instead of having, he went without, for years. As others traveled and left him behind, he never begrudged their smiles, nor did he ever w...
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If I can do the same as the shepherd, then why would I want to remain a sheep?
2645 If I can do the same as the shepherd, then why would I want to remain a sheep?

You want me walking with my head held down, keeping in step with those in front. Not because they know the way mind you but simply because they’re in front. With your mode of thinking, I’m being coaxed into forfeiting my WILL for that of another’s. And since this has all been done unbeknownst to me, in the end, I’m stuck wondering like an idiot, how come these ideas I now try as my own, never seem to work out....
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Foot Fetish ( Sneakers, Sneakers, Sneakers)
Many would consider it epic to be baptized in 
the river of Jordan but I’d rather be baptized in 
a river of Jordans 

Plus I’m still having a hard time copping 
the Penny Hardaways I guess I’m learning 
the hard way that my pennies can’t make Magic 
and the resellers are treating the price like steroids 
they keep jacking them up

I rotate my sneakers like tires if I can get 24 pairs 
within a year I call that a Good Year I never get tired 
of wearing them I don’t need to speak my...
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bahri hela

When dreams evade
Hopes fade
Body frail
Face becomes pale

I feel wilt
Big heart beat
Under bed quilt
My pillow feels guilt

Because of my tears
My big fears
The fake peers

Nights have all decayed
Nightmares was made
Gloomy atmosphere pervaded

Full of dust
Like trees when combust
Time go fast
As friends we trust

I can't live in the dark
My star can't spark

I need some strength
To retrieve my health

HB Poems
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Ryan Mathyzen

Can we get a round of applause please
For everyone trying to live righteously
Can we get a round of applause
For those who stopped their bad habits
Can we get a round of applause please
For everyone whom listens and adheres to the message
A string of applauses,
For those who have not given up on life yet
So many of us do not practice living well and dying old
They get a caught up in a ongoing struggle
A situation where it is difficult to get out of
So can we get a round of applause
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Ndiritu Mwangi

Family Gatherings
The cursive letters in these words dance 
To the tune of time lost in phases, as men 
drew lines into the sands of familiar ghosts
trying to gleen awareness from precarious holds

My father, his old pipe with a Bic pen tube sucking
raw tobacco into his well travelled lungs,
sold me dreams of masculinity and it's pressurized
acceptance to build homes when it should look within
in search for itself before the seeds leave & inject 
into the veins of a society sightless to childhood trauma...
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I’m not by myself, I’m with me!
Poem #2,714 I’m not by myself, I’m with me!

I’m not by myself, I’m with me, so how in this cosmos, could I ever be lonely? Questioning myself at times, but only because my memory has lapse’s and I forget who I am. But deja vu often reminds me, that I’ve indeed, been here before. So a solemn path, bothers me not to walk. Keeping to myself purposely, not because I’m anti, but only because this path I’ve chosen, deserves my full dedication. And as I give it, confidently as I go, I fear not being...
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Killing yourself isn't the solution
Killing yourself will make you feel 
It's the final decision left to make and take

You've suffered enough solutions can wait later
Nothing to hide that's how you feel
If death can be proud and arrogant of its self
What stops me from being proud of how I feel
I shouldn't be ashamed or discouraged of my present state existence or next step to take in life 

You will definitely feel it means nothing
Please pay attention to little things 
Death felt y...
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Lewis Jian

Count My Blessings
I'm just a small blade of grass,
I humbly pray
if only there's a dewdrop
caressing my face
when I wake up in the early morning
every day.
I'm not a sea otter,
a lavish ocean of water
won't save me from drowning
but lead me to sighing
one day.
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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~RWE
Poem #2,713 "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~RWE

How much have we each been through, time and time again, wanting to be more than what we currently are, only to organically grow into, everything we’re meant to become anyway. Peace is an objective, a destination held and sought in the hearts and minds of men. But once that objective is attained, then kicks in the rules of man. For man is never not searching. When it’s cool he want...
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Pyramid Theme
Concept upon concept 
Precept upon precept 
I’m trying to build trying to construct 
In a world that welcomes my destruction 

Living and gaining knowledge is a rite of passage and I strive to achieve that daily even as I write this passage 

Building like I’m constructing a pyramid wisdom is the only peer I have amid wanton ignorance and unwarranted violence like a pharaoh I’m bearing rule over my spirit, mind, and emotions 

I’m not a mason yet I build brick by brick even though daily...
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Annette Tarpley

The candle sat on the dresser alit, down it’s sides wax dripping, dripping, and dripping

It sat on a crystal plate, beneath it a tatted doily with intricate picot’s throughout

Next to it, a blue and white hand blown vase, filled with purple and white lilacs…it’s scent filled the air

Near the vase, an antique mirror made of a burnished silver, with intricate scrolled carvings on its backside

The candle continued on dripping, dripping, and dripping

Her auburn hair draped over the bl...
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You can suck me till I bust after all you’re a succubus I’m no demon but at this moment I’m exercising them if I was in a spiritual state I would be exorcising them

I don’t have sex with sleeping women so I could never be an  incubus but just allow my manhood to incubate inside you 

Let me get my rocks off inside your quarry hammering my nine inch nail so we can rock and when we’re not humping you can swallow and sip your butt is so big my dick gets swallowed in your hip

We’re hip to th...
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