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Vast Betrayal

Something isn't right
Something isn't right

Clouds are coming in
No light is getting through
Something isn't right
But there's no more I can do

Now I'm feeling numb 
I float above myself
Starting to succumb 
To fading mental health

As I wax poetic 
Doesn't make it right
Trying to forget it
So I can sleep at night

(Flirting with misfortune
She knows it isn't right
Hauntingly familiar
Won't leave without a fight
Disasterous communique
A ghost from yesterday
Something isn't right here
There n...
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Pietro Sandre

Our appointment.
it was once a year,
in April in the month of the fair.
Barcelona welcomed me,
she for several years always present.
As usual when you are close,
all my brakes fall out.
The strong feelings that attract me,
they never change,
you can do with me what you want,
even after a year.
I can't control myself,
Luckily you stay a few days,
and you go otherwise I go on complete tilt.
I don't even understand what happens to you,
but I really love you,
you involve me entirely,...
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For you
What if today was my last day

What if this is the last room

The last door

The last floor my feet to walk upon

What if this is the last look

The last thing I say

The last kiss good night

The last night

An old pair of shoes

The glasses I could never find

That hat that made you laugh

The dripping faucet I never fixed

What then have I left behind

For you to remember me by

But a few words for the night

A few words

For you
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I see light.
I see a way.
I won’t be alright, 
If I stay.
I have to fight.
To live another day.
For how long? 
Who’s here to say?
When life’s at stake, 
Then one might.
Rip a wolf’s jaw,
Trying to bite. 
Survival motivates.
To find a way.
Forced to a corner, 
Rescues from led astray
It’s the human spirit, 
That makes us fight.
It’s for the will live,
We take f...
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Hold Her
Many days go by,
And I thank the Lord when you walk by. 
Seeing the sunshine on your face,
And a blissful dream time can not erase.
It's these small moments I really do treasure. 
And also thanking the good Lord as I look to heaven. 
Thanking him for giving me you.
Forever and always my Babyboo.
And forever and always I will say...
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(Sir Den)

Hollow man. Strange apparition in the dark.
Anxiety engulfs the coward. Chills befriends the weak.
The room smells like blood. Eyes meet deadly face.
Is there any escape?
There is no door. The gateway is seized.
I am not alone.

Hollow man. Proud one.
Immaculate apparel meets a cheerful face.
Flattering his gains for cursory gazes.
Yet his folly haunts him.
There is an inner conflict.
He is not alone.

Hollow World. Vanity
And man has such hatred for fellow man.
The stain of guil...
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(Sir Den)

Notes moving in between melodies
Blending with subtle chords
Major and minor, all in harmony
Invoking a resounding resonance.

Humming along confusing crescendo,
Experimenting with vocal cords,
Listening to harmonious progression,
Concerto in my blood.

Perfect permutations 
Moving along composed notations
Listening to soothing vibrato
Concerto my life.
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Walk around and mope.
About what got lost 
and what got broke.
Had it all 
And now it's gone 
So much for a little bit of fun. 
Damage did done.
Thieves Steal
It's what they do
Cleaned me out 
Even stole my shoes.
If I could grab what I had
i'd take it and run.  

But I can't
This is real!
It's permanent!
It's not for sale
It's not for rent.
Just had to be straight
But jagged was my way
Now my world is bent 

So I just-
Walk around and mope
Watched it al...
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Simply Savagely Scathing,  
Your words how they bleed 
Spewing bitter astringent, still 
Assimilated by a voracious, vampiric me.

Dictate, Mandate, and Innundate 
Like an immortal; 
Dispensing positional orders.
With acrid tones, and
Gaslight  Introductions.
Direct the Directives Direction 
Push an Inclination infection.
Insult my habitation, 

But listen-
All that Vicious Talk 
And rhetorical,
vanilla-scented chalk
Can't hide your Sinister hating.
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The True Standard
The true standard in life is to stand.
Understand it's okay to be afraid.
It okay to wonder what tomorrow will bring.
But live for today,
Our present,
The true standard that we need to live.

The road to life is untold,
But life lessons will be learned.
I don't know tomorrow will bring,
So I live for today,
My present
My current scene.

Listen to me...
Life will have you travel up and down. 
Through a twisted road.
But we have to live with this facade that we are strong.
But I...
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Oscar Stuta

I am always right here
In a forgotten town settled over with ash.
I was searching for what I had lost.
Though you prayed with reddened eyes and hushed voice.
I was plugging my ears.

Rather than reach out let’s hide instead.
We will point at the fractured skies.
Laugh with childlike eyes.
I will sleep here bathed in the light that peeks.

Through the gaps of the night.
Together with you.
Now let’s get started.
Leave your sorrows behind.

Flowers of joy are blooming.
From you know where it is.
The ligh...
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Oscar Stuta

I am still the man for you
I wanna start days with you.
Close your eyes and fly away like the first time.
Without unnecessary actions and streams of sweet phrases.
Forget about what is left behind and do not be afraid.

Just listen and hear
“I’m with you”
I need to feel the warmth of your smell.
I don’t know how,
Close your eyes and just listen to the heartbeat.

Call as you wish,
You can even just be a friend.
But all the accidents in fate are not random.
There’s is a road with a sign “to you”
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My Silence
My silence may be quiet,
But yet it is strong.
It will tell you a story of what's going on. 
An imposter call a smile
Hides the hurt and confusion inside.

Why I have to live a lie?
I'm not okay...
I'm hurting inside
No lie.


I found refuge to believe in something that laid dormant inside.
A gift from the creator...
Something he blessed me to use at these times. 
So I pick up a pen,
And begin to write.

Spilling out my soul,
Word for word
Letter by letter.
My tears...
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