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Fragrant aphrodisiac within the garden as we lay
On a bed of roses to takes one’s breath away
Nakedness to life as we give unto another
Bodies toppling skin we smother
Kiss the earth of such sweet lands
Tending landscape with such probing hands
Outcries under illicit demands

Duty to appease fall under man’s command
To please with ease, while kneeling on knees
Plucking faster at soften petals in the throne of the hour
Flower is withering under his sensuous power
Honey found to center...
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Dream Weaver
In this life can you make lost souls for once a true believer    
For the ones who have detoured from the righteous way    
Humanity eradicated, thoughts below as they continue to stray    
Once upon a time society had admiration for the things we say    
Helping one another in times of need    
So long ago forgotten, as the land of the brave constantly political bleed    
Dream Weaver    
Leave It To Beaver or mental deceiver    
Homes of such, has been systematically destroyed...
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I came to earth to consume the sins
After the ten commandments has been given, my story begins
Yet, not nailed on a cross
Each piece of my skin tattered for society’s loveless lose
My flesh as an Angel one can adore
For every sinful occurrence, I must aid as earth’s guarantor
My beloved beings, a soft piece of my skin rips for

Your agony Your pain
More slashes of skin, as hate continues to rain
Look at me, who do you see
A heavenly Angel, until your sins became the life of me

My s...
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Avatar ( In a State of Blue)
We’re all avatars except we’re blue on the inside and instead of bending air some bend hope

You have those avatars that cope
By becoming someone and something that they simply are not 

The influencers are under the influence not necessarily under drugs but by the matrix 

They don’t have an oracle in which to see they’re programmed only the free thinkers are the glitch in this matrix 

Look at me, look at what I got they tell you to do this while they doing that 

Wear, eat, drink...
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“What are you doing?”
So says the romantic.
I’m Chasing dreams but my thoughts keep distracting me,
Says people who can’t find love.
My memories stack up against my dreams. They intertwine.
I’m Chasing dreams.
they become things I have not seen, déjà vu a constant reminder of things that cannot be.
And to top it off, who taught you how to bake, for I want a peach cake at my wake.
I’m chasing dreams, so say you the dreamer who can never close his eyes, 
then how can you tell you're  stil...
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Annette Tarpley

"If I Could Live One More Day..."
If I could live one more day, I would stop to relish the things I love…
Down on my knees I would kneel, thanking my God above…

For one more day to smell the roses, inhale their sweet scent
Relax in the sun, feel the breeze on my skin, making up for time spent

Relax in my hot tub, feel the jets massage my old, sore, arthritic, back
I would want to laugh and joke, banter a bit and make a few wisecracks

I would close my eyes, and cherish the laughter from a young child
Get up and free-...
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sometimes your absence
Impairs me with tingling sensation
Of morose and melancholy!
Dewy wasteland, as you threaded it
Solitary and still
Intimate insignia of decay
            And the forgotten

DoZie 🖊
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Morning Duet
Morning Duet 

How much do you believe in the things of magic or in it’s gift of sunrise
How easily the birds and her lots let loose their feelings of excitement, a proper tradition we all share 
I suspect it has come to ply Open the child i once was
For the times I were but an ingrate, this is me, a contrite heart 

Plentifully plentifully, Awesomely captivating 
An absolute spitting image of a hope that greeted me in dream awhile ago
Now Staring right through me in all her majesty, in...
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Blank pages
Blank pages!

Put a name on such days you were the poems I longed to write
Those chapters you were 
My muse
         And the reader’s
Kiss and tell
Moments I couldn’t bare
Thoughts I couldn’t share
Our love affair
Were you ever truly here?
Taking and keeping me confused
Silence grows of my pen
In this blank-pages
          Seeking to love you in new words

DoZie 🖊
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Evidence suggests not every fish 
Wished to play drums 
On/or liked the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Hums.  
150 harps 
Were orchestrated by as many carps 
When figuring out 
Their version of The Trout.
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Annette Tarpley

It was a lovely day, bathed in the springs warm sun
Fresh was the air, inhaling scents of flowers sprung

In a convertible, hair unleashed in the tantalizing air
A trip to the beach, no worries…the day laissez-faire

Walking along the shoreline, waves plummeting at our feet
Our hands interlaced, the warmth of yours, oh, so sweet

We collected shells for hours, I carried them in my skirt
Catching stolen glances, muscles rippled beneath your shirt

A picnic on the beach, red and white...
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Annette Tarpley

I am writhing in pain, my flesh is on fire
Abandoned and lost, withdrawn your desire 

Flames of your love, had captured my soul
I can still hear the ring, of the church bell toll

The promises you made, now replay to a deaf ear
Your proclamations of love…I no longer hear

You words mean nothing, if your actions negate
I refuse to be your pawn, your untouched bait

Boxes of ardent love letters, and heartfelt poems
I tore up with pleasure, burned outside my home

Our home that we o...
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Annette Tarpley

I will give you a smile, when your day is gray
Hold and reassure you, cast your fears away

I will catch your tears, from your face they fall
I’m the ground under your feet, stand proud and tall

I will give you the sunset, beautiful colors and hues
I’m the shoulder you cry on, any time you shall choose

I will be the music, the melody your heart will sing
When your life crescendos, peace to you I will bring

I will give you rainbows, happiness within your reach
I will listen to you...
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Annette Tarpley

Thrown into a perilous life, abandoned and all alone
A young lad he was, no parents…to make a house a home

Who was he, where did he belong…he cried in disparity 
By many he was used and abused, a broken commodity 

A young boy with a keen mind, growing up before his time
Adults whose chose to look the other way, accessories to the crime 

On occasion, a man would visit, a relative who saw his potential 
A protege…on ivory his fingers played, his savior who was influential 

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I lost my way along the way
Poem #2,688 I lost my way along the way

I lost my way along the way and what a way to end up for a man, who thought that acquiring all, was closer to attaining than it seemed. But as I fixated constantly on more, the me that was, began slowly slipping and sliding away. The first part of me to go, was my humility. Because as raw power suites only the arrogant, I felt that if I wasn’t as such, then I couldn't possibly have fit in. The second part of myself to head for the hills, was the care th...
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Those beautiful flowers,
That radiate beauty and splendour,
Beauty and splendour 
Beauty and splendour beyond man-made
Where are they? 

The trees,
That casts shades
And bear fruits
Fruits recommended
Recommended by the physicians
Bark and roots
Healing they do
Where are they? 

In their beautiful colours
Flying in majesty
Majesty of the creator
Pollinating the flowers
Where are they? 

The birds of the air
Diverse in sizes
Diverse in colours
Flying in high...
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Lewis Jian

This Trip
Ahead of me
only birds' chirping
behind me
autumn's gently breathing 
scattered on this shady path 
were a few blurry footprints 
like missing pages 
of some unread stories
My mind is more cloudy 
than the evening clouds 
in the western sky
my feet weak as jelly
longing for a rest
How I wish 
to be the little birds 
in the tree nearby 
perching comfortably 
in their cozy nest
I'll sit in the pavilion 
on the hillside
waiting for the cicadas 
to play their finale
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The Promised Land ( A Hood Narrative)
He handed me the work on consignment 

At that moment I understood the assignment 

I came from a single mother four siblings and no father figure 

I had to make some figures, I grew up in public housing 

What I was getting involved in could send me to a public housing of corrections 

He loaned me the toast so in case somebody tried to rob me
I could make them break fast 

I just hope this thing don’t jam more importantly I hope I don’t get robbed 
because I’d already been robbe...
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Ryan Mathyzen

glass is fragile and easily shattered
these cracks are forever
the glass is broken not shattered
when can it be fixed now or never?
it is sad to see such a broken stature
if it can be fixed it would not even matter
the scars will still remain in view
a reminder of what I have embedded of you
why did you not do something?
why did you let the glass break before your eyes?
we are tired of your lies
they create cracks in a already broken glass
too bad it is not shattered
for if it were...
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I am my own
Poem #2,687 I am my own

I am my own and for my sake, all I can be, is in love with that in which I am, in each moment. In love with me first and foremost and only me, in-spite of what any set back of mine would have me thinking about myself, at any given time in my walk called life. I AM by the way, to any who understand, that statement is the entirety, of every sentiment expressed, by any being possessing the extraordinary ability, to communicate and to comprehend, with more than just himsel...
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