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For no ointment
It is not worth falling to pieces and losing the earth under our feet.
Love wants and expects us to step on solid ground and guide our own paths and not necessarily our Calvary!
We must not see ourselves on the floors, since love does not want you to roll for it, but to roll through it.
Love feels, hopes, expects many and various things, but it does not want to hurt us, to tear our hearts and above all not to make us its burden.
I will never agree to a heavy dose of it,...
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Neo-Post-AD: Metaphysical Crisis #1: beyond the evolution of personal spin.
We all need reliable and stable alter-egos; those that are not tethered to the vacillating selves of a singular psyche, that is (if possible) distinct from the universal soup of being; tirelessly (but not always) shaping and performing a history, a story, as a means to capture, understand, relate the inconvenience (not always) of establishing (or abolishing) connections; a network in which to play, playback or perhaps destroy (inadvertently or otherwise) via scapegoats and other trickery. 

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Let the tree fall
Let the tree fall 

When the tree sinks deep into the swamp,
We don't need to worry about the winds
Just let screams depart the stream
And watch the river break its banks 

When the tree sinks,
The grasses around the river shall be splashed with water from within.
The logs shall rot but the stumps shall grow again, 
Letting the green lush and flowers bloom.
When the tree sinks,
The branches will tremble and twigs dance with rhapsody.

When it sinks,
The universe will turn around...
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God didn’t create man, man created god?
Is there an omnipotent one?
Or does the human race have such a need for answers, and to be wanted, that it can create new worlds and ideas that shape our lives today or are these worlds so real we cant escape them?
Well what is the answer?  Answers are just excuses. 

 No one really knows true answers, scientists believe they have all the answers, they speak and we believe all they have to do is wrap up a problem with numbers and calculations they cal...
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Priyanka Patra

Without You
It is like the sound of dry desert wind without you
Seeking the solace of a distant oasis.
The rustle of dry autumn leaves
Swirling aimlessly across cobbled streets.

It is like smell of scorched earth without you
Pining for that first spell of rain.
Weary, sleepless eyes scanning the pages of
Time, while the hourglass runs sharp.

It is like unearthed fossils
Dead so much inside 
That even a miracle can't
Bring them back to life.

That's how I am without you.
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Priyanka Koley

I'm not an unconditional lover...
No I'm not an unconditional lover. If I don't receive reciprocation I will stop putting efforts. If I find myself helplessly trying single handedly I will stop. If I find my self love and self worth at stake I'll choose to walk out without any delay. If I don't see myself growing positively in this interaction I'll cut you off. Love is a responsibility and if I find it solo instead of mutual I'll choose to unlove. Yes I'm not an unconditional lover.
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Priyanka Patra

Somewhere In Between
In between heartbreak and ecstasy I'll meet you.
At the juncture of lust and innocence I'll embrace you.
Somewhere in the middle of a rainbow and storm clouds I'll see you.

In between black and white you'll meet me.
At the juncture of creation and destruction you'll embrace me.
Somewhere in the middle of the mundane and ethereal you'll see me.

United we would rise with the sun and glow like the moon.
Washed over and over like hungry tides that lick the surf.
Drinking each other to th...
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Need help
Would you write me a poem? We are having our 4th child and I want to read it to our family. I don't want it to be obvious until the end! We are a pretty meaningful bunch so something that would tug at our hearts would be perfect!  something about how life is beginning again, maybe about our family tree? 
Thank you so much.
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Martyn Hesford

Comments for Martyn Hesford’s recent number 1 poetry book Lilac White

“They shimmer” Melvyn Bragg

“I found them beautifully imagined... hugely rewarding” Sir Derek Jacobi

“They are marvellous poems” Gyles Brandreth

“You enter his world and are held by his spell” Adrian Noble (former Artistic Director, Chief Executive, Royal Shakespeare Company)

Martyn Hesford is a BAFTA-nominated screenplay writer, theatre playwright, artist and poet.


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Over the moon I am for
The moon shine the stars
The weather sing whispery
The wind blowing, lied on the

Jejune to depart the beauteous               Tristesse For the heart is
             solitude as the body.

Insipid to the tongue is all that
Passed the libs, Itchy is the
              fabric passed the neck.

Sanctuary is the heart
keenness for sorrowful exhaust
         it cohabitation punish it.
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I am not a good lifetime liar
But i can tell the truth if you want

I am not a so good composer
But i will compose our memories in a smile and send it to you

Never will we run our races alone
Because half bread is not better than none in our case

Haven't I kissed you before and you only smiled
Was I supposed to run away when I felt our lips should meet and tell how we feel in our hearts?

The password you have created to weaken my feet is when you say, "i love you"
Snaps made us c...
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Don't tell the world that it's me
Don't tell the world that your lover is me

Hold me from behind and whisper something cool to me
Run me into the walking water; it's called fun with the real bosses

Oh yeah...
When we quarrel, just let me break bottles in your face
Give me the joy to cry before you
'Cause that's okay for me

Give me the cause to go weeks without talking to you
I want to wrap my nerves around the reason we can never break up
And when you get my sms, come to me with...
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Morning Duet
Morning Duet 

How much do you believe in the things of magic or in it’s gift of sunrise
How easily the birds and her lots let loose their feelings of excitement, a proper tradition we all share 
I suspect it has come to ply Open the child i once was
For the times I were but an ingrate, this is me, a contrite heart 

Plentifully plentifully, Awesomely captivating 
An absolute spitting image of a hope that greeted me in dream awhile ago
Now Staring right through me in all her majesty, in...
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Robert Oliva

Thelonious Reborn As the Dee Oh Double G
◦	Thelonius Reborn as the Dee Oh Double Gee

	◦	 If we rhyme metaphorically , reach back historically, spit out new styles  just like Miles, compose tunes that Trane, John Coltrane, would b proud to compile, or like the Bird, Charlie Parker, bravely brake rules, take take take, the music apart, do u honor Darwinian progress? Do u demand excellent art? Then u might might b from Hip- Hop,  yeah. that's where many geniuses start.
	◦	 It's simple, it's like nature, there is no fakers, take Kanye...
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Another day will come
Pray for me
That I will find peace

Another day will go
Still pray for me
That I will live in peace

Everything will pass away
But God's words will never
Pray for me with His words

Another storm will come
I may not be with you another second
And if you love me
Just pray for me

I am a sinner living at the mercies of God
I am afraid of life after death
The most terrifying question ever on earth...
Where will you be after death?
Hey brother
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I love you as a thief
Who stole my heart
And doesn't wanna let me go

And until the sunrise to dusk
I will lean on your very existence 
To love and to protect my ego from letting you go

Flowers are the very symbol of long lasting affairs
But deep inside your soul, the quarrels and get-backs are our elastic magnet

And now, the peace of mind of having you till gray... is rare my eternal.
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Mohammad Ali Aznabi

Most Gracious Sweet Mother
Mother’s embrace is the greatest heaven
Where lies the sweetest bloomed garden.
Where flows the nectar-stream profoundly
That is beyond comparison and felt divine.

The smiling face of my mother is a unique treasure
Where I find my superb spontaneous pleasure.
Her soft soothing eyes can melt me instantly
She is the source of my ecstasy sincerely.

Mother’s love is selfless, pure, and quite divine
God’s touch I find here -She is my real Shrine.
She never thinks of her pleasure more th...
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Neo-Post-AD: Roses and Thorns.
Power, more than ever has to be scrutinised and challenged for the sake of a tenable democracy. There are  more vigilantes ready to rise; more snipers, assassins and all-round cleaners with buckets and spades; not for the beaches but heading towards the infernal underworld. 

There is no longer a cosy spot for glaucoma, only for a mordant dentistry in favour of fangs. There is a new world of vampirism rising. Some are zombies at heart. Some are slaves to their passions, lust and perversity. An...
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Neo-Post-AD: Masochism.
In spite of all the vagaries, vicissitudes and vagrancy, life spins, swallows and spits you out; and you take your turn in the regurgitation over and over again. So where's the fun? So where's the give and take? Is it to be considered pitiful? I have to say: you have no idea. You have to say: neither do I.

There is a flavour and fragrance that defy all expectations; and if you desire to partake you'll need to get in line with every other lost soul.

Have we all spoken out of turn? Is the wo...
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Neo-Post-AD: Unknown Caller.
Nine thirty-one: time for a hot cross bun and a gun-toting adventure; smuggle cocaine in the hollow heels of my black shoes; clench my teeth, stretch my lips (into a creepy grin) and expose my gums to the sunlight. 

I'm on edge. On the edge of darkness where the slimy things creep and the slobbering dogs eat excrement. What is it that you don't understand? Horseradish soup? Life - plain and simple - playing hard to get? I'll not be pigeonholed; where's the fun in that?

How many steps to th...
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