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Abd now what?

And now what?
You left and my arms emptied, my gaze froze, looking for you everywhere and nowhere.
Your sweet voice is lost, your melodic aura, that gentle caress, that I do not change with anything in the world.
Who will laugh at me sweetly, cunningly, under his mustache, wanting to tell me, go ahead and I'm here, do not be afraid!
Why not expect the end to come, even though we had all reconsidered the situation, none of us wanted to accept it.
We were looking at each other and we were all conspiring to avoid fate, which he did not ask us and came and struck us.
Another will say, how do you do that, it was 92, how much more?
I do not care, it does not concern me after all.
Who will bring it to me, even for a minute, to see it, to show it off, as I called my Dundee, my Connoisseur?
No one can, no one is able.
And now what ?
Let the happy and happy ones celebrate, the peaceful ones of their soul and especially of their mind.
My mind hurts, my heart bends, my soul cracks and my logic is petrified.
But above all I miss your knees, which I fell on, I felt such security and peace, calm, your hands, hugged mine and I wished that moment would never end.
I know, God has the right plans when we do our own thing!
I wish from the bottom of my heart, with all my heart, that your paths be angelic, your path, special, as on earth, and that you teach what you always knew!

By: Tsakalaki1969

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