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Why don't you calm down?

For hours and seconds I meditate, I apologize, I accuse harshly
  But I do not draw anything, nor do I come to any conclusion,
  All blurry, years reversed, deer unwritten and duplicates
  But now unjustly, in vain, I am educated, I know, I can even seek it as redemption.

  They yell at me that it's a shame, unfair to you, for what you wear, what you did
  It's over, it's over, fortunately or sadly, history will judge us
  Everyone's funds are not affected by suffering and hardship.
  Thought, vivacity or even quoted doubts, all disputes

  At the altar, the sacrifice, the food and the dinner that we were not only invited
  Uninvited, we attended various disparaging and shameful demonstrations.
  In it is our diava, fugitives and convicted by low-income authorities
  Power, submission, deferral, payment of animated blinders data

  That they did not say fall to reveal the truth, to give that end that it deserved
  That we deserved and not so much pain, envy, malice, discredit and disgrace interrelated
  Unnecessary abolition of moral rules with friction and in itself vain glories.
  Supposedly, yes, perhaps, if this or that and everything is exposed to the common eye

  Ask for and seek compassion, warmth, security that you touch with your fingertips.
  They are there in every lonely thought, the hug, the hands always open for them
  I just take care of your own carefree nights, just stick out and always will
  My concern, not a second carelessness, negligence and irresponsibility.

  You can register and present yourself in times of conflict of interest
  But they know it for good, that I become a hyena, I do not make meat with my nails, skin
  Eyes that go blind and have masks for unacceptable applications and yahs.
  And the contest is theirs, scattered and shipwrecked, their pieces and their wheels

  Compasses left in the closet after being smashed though searched
  Breaths, sobs, themes, hordes, swords, afflictions, with pedophilia and haste
  To be given, not given to lamps, without light, but to enlightened souls.
  Roads, untimely roads, invalid, but in fists alleys never crack but disobey the soul.

  You do not rest, you do not calm down, bourgeois palpitate in the rhythms of love, only that
  Who entered and recorded in his records the truth and humanity.
  Respect, pride, words, reasons, forgotten and abandoned, on purpose
  Other than that these are supposedly endangered influences, leaks, but you can see, the cloth has been stripped and dressed, the veil of decency of honor now.

By: Tsakalaki1969

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