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All on time

All on time.
Every thing in its time, the older ones say even though the younger ones hear it.
We never rush situations if we are not able to cope and play a special role.
In each of our dreams, its realization will depend on how much we are able to claim it.
Above all, it will show us what we are capable of sacrificing, without avoiding responsibilities and our own procedural elements, our offer and responsibility.
I heard everything in his time from a young age, but I was in a hurry to see my dreams come true.
It is never too late, when we have realized what we want and what we ask for, what we seek and whether we are in a position and mood to pursue it and achieve our goals!
Let us not be discouraged by the time that is on our backs, despite the appetite and the will that will distinguish us and will be clear, for our wants and our feats of life.
The time has come, it closes our eyes and has let their influences, act and react, so that everything is strong and contextual, with our own feelings of completeness and completeness of the plans and plans of a new life.
The one we always knew and sought, although we did not have the courage to claim our own space and time, in the moods and attacks, of a once submissive and responsible fear of our soul.
But now all the veils are gone, the fears have been uncovered and clothed with the scents of wishes, for more and more effort and pursuit, for our own goods, good and special, for our own desired designs that we will not stop giving flesh and blood. !

By: Tsakalaki1969

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Lewis Jian

So true. Well put.

Lewis Jian

Liked it