Category: Writer the stacked arms. the stacked arms.

Oppression and irresponsibility lurk and capitulate in the solid arms of affirmation.

With the power of superiority and the non-existence of duty, the will and the justification of moments, minutes and irregularities of the active and contributing proof of the non-existence of philotimos lag behind.

For which the Greeks are always distinguished and will be distinguished, with or without judgment.

And yet existential events, of insurmountable belief, of our existing reward, of our imposed and existing problems, overshadow the philotimos, it is lost and in its place comes the apology.

But even this, incomplete, half, with the result that it tries and lurks in every corner of our thought and our mind, the only favorite, in many, interest, orders of internal, imposed and captivated by the foundations of a fragile, our social subsistence.

Allowed and with sequences of different designs, personal debts, in our being, in the existing ones, recipients of the honor and the joy, that we should receive.

Nevertheless, we stand and curse inarticulate cries of protest, of the accomplishment of a world of our own, which we never wanted or cared to look at and become a part of, a part of, even an existing and conscious entity.

All in vain, I despair, like the efforts that we either make intentionally and essentially, or with caricatures of our unconscious and unconscious acceptance, that we contribute and that we are the same guards and guardian angels of our own utopia, our own apathy and our own apathy moments, or opportunities.

In the solid arms of our own misery, disadvantaged situations and attitudes of life, let the idol stand, the emblem, of a presentation, always secured and composed of bearers of honesty, truth and faith for lifeANNA ZANIDAKH

By: Tsakalaki1969

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