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The exemptions in the haste of responsibility were squeezed!
Deterrents and committees were set up in the seats of the law and the mainly imperative, with prudent methods.
But the distraction of the convenient prestige of empowerment and overexposure of our own causes and expediencies, inactivate the lure of necessity.
Deprived of their views, they stand on the steps of the ascent of Golgotha, where pain and tears prevail, where anxiety and fear thrive.
It is difficult to assume responsibilities, but their shifts, as if deliberately, raise the Castle of Defense against indebted guests, in solitary and pessimistic hangouts.
It is as if the widows, in the management and assignment of tasks, are blowing the whistle on his belated step of assigning and intending truths and only these.
Quickly everything is done, executed and urged for systematic, decisive provisions, law-abiding Citizens without arbitrariness and hardship, scenes of life and its achievement.ANNA ZANIDAKH.

By: Tsakalaki1969

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Joe Stone

You write so cool