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They creak

They creak.
The foundations are creaking but nothing is visible on their horizon
They have settled everything and their irregularities are covered.
In their heinous crimes, quorums losses and gaps
It is as if their emotions are going on strike, without protesting.
Everything tastes drinks of obscenity, of illicit function but there
To prove the self-evident paths of anticipation, without the thread.
They cut it a long time ago, but where to find the guts to retrieve the corpses
There only coexist the unconscious and breathtaking silences of their lizards.
But again they scream, oppose and crush their own sins
They know them, they confess them, but they never show their true repentance.
It took them a long time to realize, understand and oppose everything.
Of careless note and harmony, comes the inhuman evolution.
Transformation of a regime, a conversation, which they never succeeded in
They did not normalize it, they did not give it the credit of a fair competition
Reason and irrationality, now twin brothers, claimed his paternity
And that non-participant, present absent, planned and cared for his children.
This is how he felt, this is how he called them, since they had been properly adapted
In a kykaona that was spinning and he was moving the threads.
The puppets of his childhood had awakened his findings
Legacies of his past extended their hand for their establishment.
And the one who did not want, another who did not constantly ask, to set them up
Castle, abyss, all this in their honor, but of course their riveting
Eyes, they met and co-decided their sentence, their right.
They considered it inalienable, but they multiplied and divided quadrants of hearts.
He had given it to them, without a second thought, unequivocally and only with points
And monsters at the same time, since the miracle of evolution had frozen and they were breathing cold
Those last bloody years, the will with patience, so they baptized them
And in their name, becoming the bloodshed of their souls unabashedly and cowardly.
The foundations were creaking and will creak, but we, some, swear
Logos and fans of tradition, dissemination and transmission
Deliberately and very quickly .... we give up visions, fantasies and indeed
Respecting ourselves and each other, we endure a life full of flowers and happy.
Covers and covers are set and decomposed but we never
No, we will not stand, we will protest and the halls will be evacuated.

By: Tsakalaki1969

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Lewis Jian

Nice. Liked it