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It is not a few times that we were called to defend our seas, that we mourned unjust victims, in time Peace!
It is not a few times that our glorious Navy, the Navy, with glory and Grace always carries out the orders it receives from the Supreme!
It is not a few times that the Leaders of our Country, managed to confuse us and to look for the causes and the unreasonable and causes, rather causal their results, to fall into reading, to find in our ignorance, to learn and to to set an example for our children!
For their Courage, their Self-Denial, in time of duty, work, service, function, but it will never cease to be in time of Peace, regardless of whether they urged for War and not only Conflict!
Days that are, significant and promising by all of us, that they will not be forgotten, they will live in our thoughts and in the orders of our Homeland, for recognition, what can I do, someone will say and he will be absolutely right!
The crises, especially the domestic ones with presses and rings all around, must teach us unity and not the neglect of responsibilities and the loud announcements!
The Navy always, our sea wolves, given with all their being, teaching ethics and dignity, carry them out, with promise and always kept for their ideals and values, for their beliefs and affirmations towards us!
My experiences are seafood, the experiences of her people are seafood, as we must respect her and not be afraid of her!
Honor and Glory to our Enstolos, honor and glory to her Karavokyrides and their families who strive to endure and stand worthy of it!
Bowing down to everyone, the position, the attitude of life, but especially in our Greece, which measures its potential and equipment and wants to assure us, its ordinary citizens, that by modernizing it, it delivers security lessons, but it also needs the appropriate responsibility. and severity.

By: Tsakalaki1969

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