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I'm old!

my sweet manoula,
come to my sleep,
your love to feel
learn our news well,
to inform you
that everything is going well
in your arms to close.

ah my manoula
as much as we bonded
nothing is enough for me
as long as the hours of wishes
that you shared generously
and love from your heart
they were stuffed
my life wreath.


in a short time
of a month grace
you did to me and you stayed
and tied up a couple.

whatever we lost
on the road of our lives
then we joined it
worship of ours.

I washed you in adornment
I dressed you like a bride
with the blue nightgown
I handed you Manuela.

s angel there the hug
and dad's hands
now I'm monologue
looking at the stars.

By: Tsakalaki1969

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