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No such thing as equality
We all humans of different quality
Different races living in the same place
Chasing the same goals with a different pace

One dies and is quickly replaced
Living with priorities that are misplaced
Working hard for money that is never enough
Witness our dreams get blown away like chaff

Some aren't meant to succeed
Working jobs they hate so they can only afford what they need
Some make a million in a day some cant even make it through the month

"Hardwork pays"
But they still work like slaves
Waiting for the month end
So they can spend

In this sad life we cant smile without a reason 
They say everything has its time and season 
But we different people 
With a fading belief that we all equal 

In this world of greed 
We were made to crumble 
Being fed what we need
So that we can continue to stumble 

Every bird can fit in the sky
But not every one is meant to fly
Some are meant to try 
Some are meant to die

By: august

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