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Im complicated
Cant even understand myself
Sometimes i act strange
Things get too heavy for me

I isolate myself 
Shedding quiet tears 
I wont be in the mood to talk 
I let my silence do the talking 

No one can see im in pain 
Im really hurt inside 
Im writing it down 
I have no one to tell 

Life isn't going great for me
Im stuck
I don't know where to go
Im worried about my future 

I spend my days at home 
Even among people i feel alone 
Im too shy to meet new people 
The few i have are never there

I switch off all the lights
I feel comfortable in the dark
That's where i belong
Im never seen during the day

Only known as the tall guy
My only description
With nothing more to my name
I live my life in shame

By: august

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