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We don’t all get the chance

Poem #2,690 We don’t all get the chance 

We don’t all get the chance to right our wrongs before passing, so with the days I’ve been given above board that remain, I’m going to do better. Do better that is, as it pertains to giving others, as well as myself, my very and absolute best. I know  a few brothers of mine, who have long since left this earth, that I’m sure wish they had the chance to say, I’m sorry to some and even yet greater words expressed, I love you to some others. But as that chance for them to make amends and to experience passion, has fled like yesterday, I can only in good conscious after knowing this truth, take full advantage of every opportunity afforded me to repair my transgressions, because not doing so before my demise, after being made privy to this information, would make me no less than a fool.

We don’t all get the chance to have that epiphany, that the way we’ve been taught to think, is backwards and outdated. So as I awaken as an enlightened white man this morning in the 21 century, knowing what I now do about skin color and it’s lack of effect towards what a man can, or can’t contribute towards society, I’m going to treat every person I come across, from here on out as my equal, only and simply because, they are. My Father and his Father’s before him, weren’t as fortunate as I now find myself to be, finally understanding, that we are all created equal. Because it is in that organic, circular like equality, I know, that as I stand in another man’s way, I am only truly blocking, hindering and setting the path adrift, of my own family, and myself. But being wrong for however long, doesn’t make me evil, nor does it make me the devil because as in yesterday I didn’t know and behaved one way, now in today I understand and shall forever act accordingly.

We don’t all get the chance to do a lot of the things, we wished we could have done when we had the energy, or the life coursing through our veins in which to do so. But as nothing is promised but death, I promise me from now on, that I will no longer take a single of my breaths for granted given me. Lives taken in an instant for whatever reason, leaving families unloved, jobs incomplete and dreams if nothing else, deferred. And in the midst of the unexplainable occurring, one can only contemplate their own mortality as they on look, as it pertains to their days lived and if they instantly died as this poor soul has, goals of theirs left yet accomplished. To wit, how can I change to live and to do more with the time that I have left, is a common question prayed upon and asked. And the answer struck me like a bolt of lightning, one day standing at a funeral, “Do as much as you can with each second given, because to enjoy that next moment in life, as this man lying here can attest to, We don’t all get the chance”!


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