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Stop Bullying

Something seems fuzzy
A call to take it easy
Advice to feel breezy
Smell the Flower Daisy
Be friendly not be lazy

Violence, bullying I see
Friendly you have to be
Take it easy you and me
Your smile mustn't flee

Don't bullying, 
Avoided laughing
Hated flaunting

Bullying creates pression
Hinders our noble mission
Gives nasty impression

bullying is a bad act 
Has an ugly impact 

Deteriorates our values 
These are bad news

Bullying is impoliteness
Lacks mind fitness
Bad speech, big mess
Bad behavior, stress

Bullying causes harm
Deletes the life's charm 
Carries  damn

Bullying means teasing
'Threatening our living
Taunting our dreaming
Bad treating

Refusing others
Problems gathers
Spreading bad rumors
Hurting the possessions
Hitting with no reasons
Kicking and spitting

Bullying is a disease 
Blood in veins freeze
Stop bullying please

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By: bahri hela

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Lewis Jian

Brilliant. Like

bahri hela