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Promo( I Need Followers)

know this isn’t Twitter but I need followers 

When it comes to self pity I’m not apart of the wallowers 

I’m not trying to build a brand I’m just trying to build a legacy biologically I am a father 
But I want my poetry to go farther 

Like this current inflation I’m trying to stretch my poetry like a dollar no nickel and diming just working on my pitch and timing 

When I see red it has nothing to do with MAGA l just wanna promote PGA no not golf but what I’m driving at is making Poetry Great Again 

A car salesman sells cars, realtor sell homes, singers and rappers sell albums, and the government sell us their version of the American Dream 

I want to sell you my poetry but I want you to invest your time and interest not necessarily your money 

I’m not a mason per say but I am trying to build a following conversation 
is already a dying art I want to do my part to keep poetry off life support 
please lend me your support

By: kmmuldro

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Lewis Jian

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