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He came to me in a dream, greeting me with a smile
A few stolen moments, I was with him content and beguiled 

Gazing into his liquid pools, I was at a loss for words
Speaking jewels, I longed to hear, before they were unheard

Happy to finally be in his presence, this man who I adored
Only a dream, this time together was all we could afford

To touch his face tenderly, with my soft hand I caressed 
Lips met, and our kiss danced, twas heavenly I must confess

Although only minutes, it seemed like hours in his arms
Only a dream, our love a secret…no one could it harm

Come to me again my darling, frequent me in my dreams
Meet me after dark, in the glow of a thousand moonbeams…

Annette (Wengert) Tarpley 

By: Annette Tarpley

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