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Minority Report ( Social Justice Worriers)

Instead of fighting for the majority
you fight for the minority and when 
I say minority I don’t mean People of

Speaking of People of Color BLM black lives 
only matters when a white cop kills a black person
when a black man kills another black man, women, or child 
you go silent like when a woman is fed up

Well I’m fed up of all the hypocrisy the African Americans that don’t get 
murdered in the streets in cold blood get murdered in the womb
now that’s cold blooded so like Ben Simmons shooting ability you 
can miss me with that, take affirmative action against black on black 
crime and level the playing field on life expectancy 

I believe respect is bisexual it goes both ways
respect me for being straight and to the point 
and I can respect you getting the point anyway you 
can get it

I’m going to be civil about this but respectfully I 
don’t agree that the civil rights movement and gay 
rights movements were the same, civil rights movement 
literally and metaphorically had to be seen in black and white 

Yes gay rights are important but what’s not right is
dragging our children into an agenda where they clearly 
don’t fit the mold switching things up a bit but in the wrong ways
encouraging boys to be girls and girls to be boys 
Pushing an agenda that spans books, tv, and movies 
yet your culture still don’t get the big picture, picture this 
everyone being themselves without unnecessary influence 

Yes SJW I’m taking to you Social Justice Worriers
You’re still behind those keyboards and media trying to cancel the culture 
Canceling free thinkers like variables in algebra 
Perhaps you should do the math because your arguments just 
doesn’t add up

It’s not a left or right thing but a people thing
not being ruled by your emotion
but using rationality and real world solutions to wade
through all the commotion 

Conversation is a dying art
Anybody that don’t agree with you can’t 
get a word in edgewise so we, the free thinkers must be blunt

By: kmmuldro

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