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For no ointment

It is not worth falling to pieces and losing the earth under our feet.
Love wants and expects us to step on solid ground and guide our own paths and not necessarily our Calvary!
We must not see ourselves on the floors, since love does not want you to roll for it, but to roll through it.
Love feels, hopes, expects many and various things, but it does not want to hurt us, to tear our hearts and above all not to make us its burden.
I will never agree to a heavy dose of it, as every part of it will be aimed at its truth and not at its fairy tales.
To live with her, to become one with her, does not admonish an absurdity in her favor, rather her part should become agreeable and certain, in her entirety and not in her halves!
We are not half people, looking for our other half, despite that identification which, while we think we are touching it, still eludes us.
This of course happens, because its truth is a camouflage, without its clear look and without its distance from its false paths, rather than a complete literal appearance of it, which exposes its owner.
Do not believe what you see, hear, even if you want to with all the strength of your soul, since you will now have to take care of your safety and protection.
Do not aim at the perfect, which is none of us, but at the truth of the other, which unfortunately is not easily found, since they cover it with mastery and skillful fallacy!
Her airy eternal form, let's miss her textures and touches, for her expertise!

By: Tsakalaki1969

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Nicely written I enjoyed reading this Love you described it well