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Can't believe im crying
Soon il have to let you go
My heart is denying
But its out there you have to grow

Look at all my tears
Dear God my worst fears
Everything has an end
Il soon be a forgotten friend

I don't want to lose it
But we didn't choose it
A jewel i will never find
A gem that smiles so brilliantly in my mind

Should i pray?
What should i say?
Uhh the pain
It will never be the same

Gone for someone else to share
When i took so much time to care
Leaving my barren heart gasping for air
Drowning in tears of sorrow and despair

A Last kiss of bliss
With only memories to reminisce
Unfamiliar with this pain
Will you still love me the same?

Far far away
Afraid to lose you for a day
6 may, do you remember that day
God, i wish you could stay

By: august

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Lewis Jian

Sad but beautiful.Like