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For Anna

For Anna 

You'll never know
whenever I miss you
I simply turn to gaze 
at the marigold
in my garden
shiny green
fragrant and pretty
young as you are
enjoying the sunshine
in late June
What if the sun 
forgets to shine
this coming summer
I'm afraid
as well as your smile 
won't flower
If you forget
to send me blessings
from the other side
of the world
once in a while
via the breeze
I'm afraid
my poetry won't fly
in the coming years


Flying Freely

When each bird flies softly by, 
waving goodbye to the moody blues, 
sailing serenely
to a greener land, 
and leaving me nothing 
but piles of lonesome clouds. 
How I wish 
to be able to cut off the line
that has been controlling my life!
One day
when eventually I am free 
from the hand 
that holds the line of my destiny,
I wonder 
whether I'll be flying freely 
like a bird 
or falling like a free-flying kite 
from the top of the world!

By: Lewis Jian

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