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in the life of pretend
we make our own rules
we do not pretend to abide by it
we create scenarios
to see how each one will pan out
we pretend everything is okay
for we do not wish to be reminded of how life really is
we pretend to be better off
when all we want is affection and trust
we pretend to be faultless
when mistakes are limitless
we pretend to be shameless
but we bring shame upon our loved ones
we do wrong and ask for forgiveness
some pretend that nothing is wrong
and keep on living in a world of pretend
pretending our lives have some value in it
when in reality we have not yet reached the mark yet
therefore pretending is better than reality
but there is hope for change
a change in mentality
but we still pretend anyways
pretend our lives to be better than it is
pretending to be the one we ought to be
pretending to pretend is what likely is to be
and to pretend some more
for what we imagine is more likely to be
for everyone wishes only the best for themselves
in the world of pretend
                                     LIVE WELL AND DIE OLD

By: Ryan Mathyzen

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Lewis Jian

Profound and true. Like

Ryan Mathyzen

thank you Lewis