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Sneaker Head

We heard enough about Jane’s Addiction 
Now let’s talk about my addiction sneakers 
First up the Air Force 1’s yeah some are addicted
to that white dope I just rock dope white Air Force 1’s
every time I lace them up I take flight and even if I’m not 
wearing them, like a 21 gun salute, I aim high even though they have the high tops
I stick with the classic 07 lows

Next up Penny Hardaways I remember earning pennies 
the hard way just to get me a pair once I held them it was 
magic Penny Hardaways Space Jam Edition every time I 
wore them it looked like I was wearing space ships truly they 
were out of this world yes a penny for your thoughts but my 
dollars are going towards the Air Max Penny 1’s 

Next Bo knows sports and  Lord knows I love 
sporting Bo Jacksons I feel royal every time I rock
them I ain’t lion when I show up on the scene my Bo
Jacksons are the mane attraction 

And how can I forget about Jordan’s yeah I 
only own a few pairs but every time I lace them 
up it feels like I’m walking on air and my last name 
ain’t even Skywalker I’m humble they don’t know 
they’re standing next to a Star and that’s no Chicago Bull

Lastly I don’t own a pair of Chuck Taylors next time I go 
sneaker shopping I’m going to chuck a couple of pairs in the bag
yes from time to time I sneak her in for head but that’s just one
adicktion my true addiction is being a sneaker head 
Much like my faith I’m just trying build up my sneaker collection

By: kmmuldro

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Lewis Jian

Excellent. Thumbs up.


Thanks as always appreciate the compliment