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It will heal

Poem #2,693 It will heal 

What You put me through, doesn’t even matter anymore! The only things relevant about what you and I shared, for the time we shared it, is the fact that I know how to love me now and I also have learned when enough is enough. In the act of loving on you, I all but lost my me and on the road back to redemption, from a placed point by your side labeled as hell, I can only acknowledge this truth about my pain, It will heal.

You tried to break me, daily insults, systematically being hurled at my character, but you even attempted to mutilate my spirit. Flesh left hanging from the bone with every conversation had because your tongue was just that sharp. And when I would ask myself all of the why’s and what’s, I had no answers from within to support me remaining. Like why do you stay, what do you put up with this for and why not love yourself more than any other. At that time I had no remedies, but as the hurt grew bigger, so did to, my angst to put a hurtful chapter, no longer worth reading, behind me. And when I looked inside for the strength to mend my broken heart, the Lord whispered right on time to my souls ear, It will heal!

No matter what you’re going through and who you’re going through it with, never allow yourself to forget, that you’re the prize. Pain may feel permanent, the same as difficult situations do at times, but take it from someone whose lived to fight another day, in the light of today’s breakthrough, tomorrow’s problems, will all appear to be, that much more petty. So stop giving in as if life has no more second chances to offer, because regardless what someone has put you through, the second that you declare it’s over for yourself, it shall be. The only thing that need be done for one to break the attachment held over them by another, is to choose to love themselves, the same as they did that person. And don’t worry about hanging on to the hurt and pain caused to you by that individual because when it comes to the open wound called failed love you suffer from, trust me, It will heal.


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I loved this very genuine and relatable nicely written