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I pray for all of us

Poem #2,694 I pray for all of us 

Growing up, I was blessed enough to be told the story, about the three righteous men, in one house hold a circle was drawn around the leader and only his immediate family was welcome. In the second household, a circle was drawn around the leader and his extended family, aunts, uncles and cousins could join but in the third household, a circle was drawn big enough, that it would encompass everyone who needed shelter and all were welcome, and that is me, I pray for all of us!

And I’m not praying for you or he, because in the end your triumphs will benefit me in some way, I pray for us all, because I equal out to be one of those numbers. So a vicarious prayer said for you, is the exact same thing as summoning perfection for myself, less the detail of intention targeted towards my exact need. But a stellar thought had towards your progression and safety, is the same as wanting such for myself, I pray for all of us!

So as you drop to your knees and then rise again, carry not with you the physical act, but instead pack up the intention behind the thoughts expressed and let that be your luggage toted along for the trip. Because as the intention was pure in heart, the physical act only knows what shall be received for the effort exerted. And to receive in the immediate moment, always, negates the banked favor one acquires, as he loves on his neighbors, as he does himself, without provocation or expecting reward. So I revel in the success of my enemies and family alike, because with each thought had and expressed, towards the elevation of another, I’m being airlifted up to my dreams as well.

 I pray for all of us!


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Lewis Jian

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