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In the past, there were indeed several poems that were fixated on my happiness and pain, because of you. But now, there's nothing left for you, except for myself. Isn't poetry a literary image? Through it, i want to jump the boundaries, reach what i can't reach.

So ignore my rhyme, once again it's not only about you. And then again, i’m not the one i used to be, am i? The path i take is no longer towards your heart.

Your shadow that used to always come in the afternoon, through the window of the leaves, kissed my eyes, now i never hope again to fulfill my days.

The tendrils of light from your spoiled gaze, which used to always light up my day, have long since evaporated from my hopeful mind.

I am no longer a pilgrim on the path of your love, who is always trying to be as close as possible to your life. Long ago i left all that behind, fade away as the past.

By: Mahesa Jenar

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Lewis Jian

Terrific. Like