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Pieces Of A Brick

I was shaped and formed my mother’s womb was the pot
whipped up in the kitchen like a slave long before I made addicts
a slave to me

Long before I made addicts misbehave because of me 
They built me up just to break me down again weighing me on scales that had nothing to do with justice 

They say justice is blind and so were the cops on the take I have many names some refer to me as coke because I give them that fizz that they looking for never been in a red bottle but I’ve been snorted through red nostrils 

And some like to smoke me through a glass pipe talk about pipe dreams she rather grab that glass dick so she lets him shatter her box  and crack her back as long as she gets crack back 

Speaking of crack and I don’t mean to sound anal but some people transport me anally because they don’t want law enforcement or the K9 getting a whiff of me and some stash me in hidden compartments 

I’m white but the colors I see the most are red and blue not necessarily blood and crips but blood shed and cops if I’m copped someone’s bloody body might end up being lain in a crypt 

They stretch me out like yoga using fentanyl what was meant for recreation turns into cremation after the OD they urn death or get sealed away in a box like I was sealed away in plastic wrap being kept under wraps either way without Narcan it’s a wrap 

They build me up in the form of a brick just to break me down again 
just like I do for all the people that snort or smoke me, no smoking mirrors I really can kill you by myself 
or with fentanyl and other toxic agentI’m an agent destruction

By: kmmuldro

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