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Life is life and death is apart of that.

Poem #2,695 Life is life and death is apart of that.

My Mom was up in age when she had me, due to this fact, I’ve been losing those dearly close to me all of my life. At first, like most, I began to begrudge death, feeling as if those around me who died, were being taken, and so I took it personal. Viewing death as more of a punishment doled out, than anything else. Figuring that one day would be my time, to be absconded and taken away from those that I love. Back then I had no understanding, that Life is life and death is apart of that.

It took years for me to begin placing a type of spiritual elevation, with those tears that had fallen behind the loss of someone close. I began comprehending out of nowhere, that death is more of a right of passage than a punishment and that only those worthy of moving on from this life, would be called to venture into the next. I also began wondering, why had I been deceived so, up until now, regarding this subject. And how come since birth, have I been taught to fear, that in which is as natural a part the process of living, as the sun and moon, rising and setting, are an expected part of a days cycle. Fearing that in which we don’t understand, makes us childish at any age. Because Life is life and death is apart of that.

So mourn not the loss of those who've made the journey home before You, rather and instead, revel in the moments you shared by their sides and live from now until the next time you two meet, accumulating many more experiences to share. Celebrate their presence in your life, so that they may brag to their new heavenly company, how stellar of a job they did in making their loved ones understand, That Life is life and death is apart of that.


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Lewis Jian

So profound and true. Like