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Its your trouth

Your truth.

 Who would tell me that again

 How the time would come

 To face you ne

 In this country.

 They say lost at once

 Humanity is pain

 That one feels alone

 When he will be alone.

 But I know and I admit it

 Now I'm shouting it

 It's your future

 I have it and I admire it.

 You are not looking at me

 I melt and we enter

 Tears that are of joy

 They are looking at you.

 I confess it was not lost

 It seems to be true

 Thoughts a thousand and two

 And not like fairy tales.

 You came and he was enchanted

 The west of my world

 You came and he regenerated

 Now what to ask?

 You really have it in your soul

 Truth in your heart

 Your eyes are telling the truth

 Your side admits it.

 Your character

 As fate divided you. ANNA ZANIDAKI

By: Tsakalaki1969

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