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For being father

It does not make you.

 Father, mother, it does not make you, the title that you think you will have for a lifetime and you will carry it, in your mind and heart, unchanged and intact, in any kind of protest of your child.

 You are not born a parent, you become one, but it requires guts, endurance, patience and perseverance, will, but above all pure thought and maturity.

 The child is not a toy, which you acquire and then look for ways to avoid, as far as his upbringing and even his education are concerned.

 The child is not a garment that we wear, it gets old and we throw it away.

 The child is not an ornamental plant, which we have to show it and to simply highlight its presence and indeed absent and absent, we are complicit in one of the greatest crimes, of their own life and existence, through ostentatious sometimes  non-existence and neutrality, as far as the decision-making centers concerned are concerned, either directly or indirectly.

 It does not make you a parent, to conceive, to give birth, to beat inside him, his heart alone.

 It makes you a parent, the endless nights, the nights out, the fears and insecurities that overwhelm you, when you do not know, how to tell it, how to report it and if it learns, how it will learn, why it will learn and then  how will he behave.

 There are biological parents who only do this by portraying themselves as heroes and constantly displaying raw and ostentatious their role and how much their children should owe it to them.

 But I, for years now, have learned and I say where I stand and where I am, that THE CHILD OF THE HEART, IS THE BEST AND CERTAINLY APPROPRIATE, SHOULD HAVE OUR OWN BOW AND OUR ABSOLUTE.

 There are biological parents who do not think that in a divorce they ruin the souls of their innocent children, as long as they show each other, their superiority and the wrong catechism, always against each other, through their children.

 Souls that unfortunately are not taken into account, as they deserve and should be, but are crushed by a spread of virus, great and maximum, deadly soul and not only, which is none other than the SELFISH VIRUS… that dissolves mind, soul and heart.

 It is time for us to take this disease seriously and for each one of us to contribute to calming the multitudes of selfishness and unorthodox methods of evil and revenge and to take a stand for a higher feeling, the justification that always comes from deeds.  and our words, the true and never the pompous and the giants, without substance and value.


By: Tsakalaki1969

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