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We had to study and memorize many Chinese classical poems at school. At college, I majored in English literature and read so many English poems too. My favorite is still the Chinese classical poetry.


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Lewis Jian

I Wrote a Poem for You
I wrote a poem
for you
but didn't send it through,
still kept in a bottle
beside a bunch of honeysuckle.
Although you're half a world away,
there's always a way
for you
to read my mind
if we're two of the same kind
just as a humming bird
is able to perceive the fragrant word
of golden honeysuckle
from a thousand miles away.
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Lewis Jian

A Blissful Day
It's drizzling and colder today
than yesterday,
but it's still a blissful day
like everyday for me.
It's not because
I can taste your strawberry,
or I'll win the lottery,
but because
I don't mind
whether it's rain or shine
so long as
I can maintain a peaceful mind.
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Lewis Jian

Love Me Too
Just as
you love the little birds
flying freely
in the blue sky,
you should love
the ancient sky too.
Just as
you love the green leaves
of an oak tree,
you should love
the old oak tree too.
Just as
you happen to love
the atmospheric poetry
of a senior poet,
you have no choice but
to love me too.
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Lewis Jian

If this is the last picture
I paint,
it's not a wedding bouquet
but the rosy color
on your face.
If this is the last verse
I pen,
it sure is your smile
that's pure
as a lily
by the lake shore.
If there's something
I want to say
to you
on this Monday morning
cold and blue,
it's not how much I love you
but how are you.
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Lewis Jian

Shouldn't Have Missed You
Azaleas are blooming
here and there
on the hill
though I can still feel
the early spring chill.
I feel like picking
a pure white one
for you
to put it in your hair,
where are you?
I shouldn't have missed you
so much
in the first place,
for I know
you're nothing
but my own echo.
I'm not Narcissus,
I'm wasting away
none the less
for the same reflection.
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Lewis Jian

There Is No Spring for Me
I've been walking
along this mountain trail,
little and winding,
covered with small pebbles
and fallen leaves,
for too long and too far
that I forget where I am now.
I can't even recall
why I took this journey
in the first place.
The cicadas' love songs are fervent
as the blazing sun,
and all the honey bees are dancing
and singing
around their sweet daisies.
But there seems no spring
for me.
if I keep on trudging,
I'll come across a peach village,
embraced by a small c...
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Lewis Jian

Forget Me Not
#1     Forget Me Not

Your innocent smile,
still kept in my heart for a long while,
was a forget-me-not in full swing
that I fell for last spring.
Missing the faint fragrance
you sent off in the air dripping with romance,
I kept wasting away
and my hair turning gray.
But it doesn't really matter now,
for I see a smile somehow
on every petal of a blue forget-me-not
that I pined for a lot.


#2   Goodbye Mermaid

Just as you're a pretty fish
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Lewis Jian

A Free-flying Kite
When each bird flies softly by,
waving goodbye
to those piles of moody clouds,
sailing serenely
to a greener land,
and leaving me nothing
but lonesome blues.
How I wish
to be able to cut off the line
that has been tethering my life!
One day
when eventually I am free
from the hand
that holds the line of my destiny,
I wonder
whether I'll be flying freely
like a bird
or falling like a free-flying kite
from the top of the world!


When I Vowed

When I vowed...
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Lewis Jian

My little flower
I'll never have a chance
to see you again
yet I'm still missing your smile 
like a drooping leaf of grass
waiting for the summer rain 
I'm now like a bee 
getting lost in a concrete jungle
yet I'm still dreaming 
one day
there'll be spring rain 
showering down 
on this lonesome dry land


The Distance between Us

The distance between us 
can be compared to something
like this
you're a romantic cloud 
born to wander forever 
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Lewis Jian

For You're an Orchid in the Valley
For you're an orchid in the valley
not to be found in an alley
I guess
to look for your grace
I have to climb over many a mountain
and trudge across numerous rivers
If only I'm able to provide you shelters
from the sun and the rain
I don't mind planting myself on earth
like a nearby whispering pine
whispering in your ear many a line
of verses
when the sun rises
in the morning
in spring


I’m a Dewdrop at Dawn

I'm a dewdrop at dawn
waking up to the early morni...
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Lewis Jian

In the season of sunshine
In the season of sunshine
I am singing for you
like singing for the season 
of May flowers
coming hand in hand 
with April showers
Now, it's right time 
for romance and poetry
and here you are
filling the garden of my life 
with cheerful beauty
You're a delightful rainbow
more colorful 
than all the flower petals


Mother Wit

If you dared to lay a finger on me
when I was a young caterpillar,
you'd live to regret it,
which was obvious as...
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Lewis Jian

I'm Perfectly All Right
I'm perfectly all right now
if you could only
erase those brooding clouds
from my window pane.
I couldn't feel better now
if you could only
efface those footprints
you left on my quiet lane.
Don't you worry about me now
if you could only
find me a needle
to stitch up
those broken pieces of pain.


Happiness Is So Easy

On the outside
it's been raining
off and on
for nearly a month
On the inside
I'm able to lie in the bed
hide in the quilt
and fantasize...
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Lewis Jian

My Window Is Opened Only for You
If I open my window now
I know
I must be able to see 
all the vibrant butterflies
chasing one another 
like playful young lads and lasses 
running wild in the meadow
where numerous small flowers
are swaying gracefully
in the spring breeze
But sorry 
I feel too lazy
to open it up 
It's not that 
I've got a worried mind
so it's tightly closed as my heart
but that
if you happen to be intrigued
to know why
you haven't yet
graced my humble place


Long and Mean...
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Lewis Jian

A Blue Water Lily after the Rain
It's raining 
yet I'm still lingering 
beside a lotus pond
Listening to the rhythm of the rain
and looking to the sky beyond
I feel like crying in the rain
Let the rain keep falling on my body
and wish the dust of many years be washed away
along with my worry
When eventually
the sunray comes out to play
perhaps I'll be pure and godly again
like a blue water lily 
after the rain
Goodbye sorrow and tomorrow
for I'll step on a rainbow 
and go back to the home 
where we all came fro...
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Lewis Jian

For My Better Half
It's always in the wake of early springtime
when all azalea blossoms have fallen 
and floated far far away
with the streamflow
that I'm nostalgic for the afterglow
on your face
which, once, was more alluring
than all those falling pink petals;
To put it another way, 
they were no different 
from the sunshine of my blissful memory.
Though azaleas are no longer scintillating,
yet I'll love you none the less,
love you till the end of this journey,
and love you till it's impossible
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Lewis Jian

Some Fresh Rosemary Leaves
I feel terribly sorry
to have reassured you yesterday
that it should be sunny today?
Now, it's not merely raining
but also keeps pattering 
the whole morning.
Although it's not me 
but the weather forecaster to blame,
yet, sincerely,
I'd still like to express my apology
by picking some fresh rosemary leaves 
and leaving them 
on your dresser. Hopefully,
their refreshing fragrance 
would make you oblivious 
of this blue Monday morning.
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Lewis Jian

In the season of sunshine
In the season of sunshine
I am singing for you
like singing for the season
of May flowers
coming hand in hand
with April showers
Now, it's right time
for romance and poetry
and here you are
filling the garden of my life
with cheerful beauty
You're a delightful rainbow
more colorful
than all the flower petals


Rain Shower in May

So capricious are you
that you didn't show up
in April
when I needed you most
and I
along with some little flowers
have just...
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Lewis Jian

If You Were a White Cloud
If you were a white cloud
I'd rather be a green mountain
lying flat on my back
gazing admiringly at you 
up above my head
night and day
Don't be upset
if I'm gaping and speechless
for there's a little brook 
rippling a sweet melody 
on my behalf
If you ask 
what I'm worried about most
then you'll see
it's you 
that might get sad one day
and turn yourself 
into tears
I'm not afraid 
to get soaking wet
but I might miss you 
for ages 
before running across your reincarnation...
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Lewis Jian

How Much I Love You
If you ask how much I love you
I'll be definitely 
speechless as the sky blue 
But if you're a morning glory
in full bloom
I'd rather be the green tall tree 
you nestle up to
Just to catch a glimpse of your violet blue 
in the morning
I'm willing 
to be entwined a thousand times
by your tender green arms



the grass is greening the field
along the carefree river
but why haven't I 
found any of your shadow
you know...
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Lewis Jian

Banana Tree
Give me a tiny piece of land
barely large enough for me to stand
by an ever-flowing stream
and I'll yield plenty 
of my sweet offspring
to all of you
I'm always ready to yield 
by nature
so please don't argue
or fight like dogs over a few bones
in my presence
for all I need is love and peace
in my place
where the blue sky 
and the white cloud are always 
in an affectionate embrace


Green Grass

When we’re proliferating
in the veggie garden
farmers t...
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