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I am a single introvert, I do not drink or smoke. I am also a gamer, a poet and a deep thinker




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Ryan Mathyzen

Betrayal burns ones heart like paper
Its difficult to repair what is burnt
Once that layer of ash encases the heart
The heart will never be able to function the same
Why not solve your problems together in a disclosed space?
Why jeopardize the bond you have desperately worked on for years?
We are not savages
Men cheating on their wives like child's play
Where is the love in that?
The relationship is suffering-do not put it out of its misery yourself
Try to evaluate the variou...
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Ryan Mathyzen

I am in such a good space right now
No reason to frown-Not one at all
Everyday I think about her
It brings about a smirk on my face
I smile from ear to ear
With her by my side,there is no reason to fear
I need her as much as she needs me
I do not wish to be an "I" anymore
I would like to be a "we"
We are so different,yet we are the same
We are so serious about our love-that it feels like we have no shame
I can no longer suppress my feelings
And neither can she
She is a...
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Ryan Mathyzen

Out of the dark
Every day is a beautiful day
Now that I am out of the dark
You gave me hope
You stretched out your hand to pull me out from the dark
I was sinking in a dark pool of doubts and confusion
I was blinded by the tar that filled my eyes
The filth went into my eyes, that I no longer could see
I wanted to rise and force my eyes open to see the light
I kept on fighting,until I reached a point where I cannot fight no more
How can I regain my sight?
when all I see is darkness?
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Ryan Mathyzen

My heart is killing me
My heart is killing me,
Oh it yearns for love
Though my heart is aching
I know I must not be haste
For I cannot confess my love to just anyone with a face 
And to be alone,well it is a product of being a bit painstaking
I would rather not be a fool to love every beauty he sees
But be wise enough to know whom I should please
For my heart cannot be sold to the highest bidder
No,It will take more than luxuries to convince this man
I do not wish to be used 
To thin...
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Ryan Mathyzen

Congested Road

A congested road with no where to move freely
how can I find a way that is safe?
as I wonder in a road full of perils
I try to maneuver my way to my destination
but the traffic is just too much to handle
as I scrape my way out of trouble just barely
constantly have to check my peripheral vision
moving forward in life is not that easy
as at times I stood still in a congested road
and I believe life is a test in which I am struggling
it seems as though there are no robo...
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Ryan Mathyzen

The Window
The window can be transparent like your soul
as you can think of it, it can also be blackened so that no one can see through it
fog can fill up the window and make it less visible
just like you can hide certain feelings from view
burglar bars on the other hand protects you from invaders
these are those who wants to analyze you
and putting up burglar bars are like building a fortress in front of ones' soul
window sills have so many uses 
as it gets used for ornaments and pot p...
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Ryan Mathyzen

How fragile a house can be
I cannot control the quiver in my voice anymore
The air that I breathe is turning out to be noxious gas
Choking on each word I ever spoke
Throwing caution to the wind
And hearing each sound like its my last
Feeling tired all the time-when I am already awake
My eyes burning from the tumultuous things I have seen
No good can come from all of this
As I look upon a scorched city in ruin
I feel that there is no hope left
All the houses were burnt down-not even a...
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Ryan Mathyzen

long forgotten cravings
I can feel my life slowly fading away
The darkness looms over my head
My hair sprouting fast like unwanted weed
I notice the days going alot quicker than usual
The wind speeds are unnatural this time of year
My heart starting to liven as I begin to fear
What has passed have been long forgotten
what I thought was pure-seemed all rotten
As I wander aimlessly,I realized what I have to do
The long agonizing wait has taken its toll
Im looking for a way out-but who c...
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Ryan Mathyzen

Trying to live a wholesome life in a messed up world
Is confidence personified
for we are surrounded by different people of all walks of life
Some have morals close to none
They drink and party like misfits
smoking all kinds of drugs and damaging their lungs
We are being sandwiched between the wrongdoers
they look at us with disgust
they always have the thought that we want to be better than them
We do not conform to the norms of this world
They conform and want to drag goo...
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Ryan Mathyzen

loss of a loved one
You were so young and loveable
You cared for those whom you loved
You had nothing to fear in this world
It is just your farewell to the world was a bit unkind
For no one knew how much you suffered
the pain you had to endure for hours on end
All the half-messages you tried to send
All the altercations you had with your drunken father
Who knows what else he did to your mother
Its a sad way to go
And not seeing you anymore-is the final blow
I used to see you shine s...
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Ryan Mathyzen

thank you
Thank the maker for those who are still among the living
Let us be happy to help others achieve their goals
Let us be thankful with the entire world,to be able to share poems to those who got a second chance with their loved ones
Let us be thankful for those whom have accepted their new lives and have overcome the death of their old souls
Let us be thankful for the people who took the liberty to try to understand me as a person
Let us be thankful for those who are following my fo...
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Ryan Mathyzen

I dont know anymore
What happened to my progress and goals in my life, that I set out for myself?
Why is it taking so long to do the best,that seemed not good enough?
I don't know anymore-what is holding me back?
To achieve the one purpose in life that was bestowed upon all men on this earth
We tend to make the mistake of flashing our cars and houses and other worldly possessions in front of the eyes of the potential suitors
I don't know anymore if this is a good or a bad thing
Because th...
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Ryan Mathyzen

I live in a house where love exists
where love thrives-it flourishes
We do not settle things with our fists
We talk about it and seek for a solution
no problem is left unsolved
Failure is never an option
And rushing to complete a task is very uncanny
As perfection is something we strive for
Rules and regulations are something that creates order
However rules can change depending on each situation
as long as these changes are not detrimental in the future
Knowledge and spe...
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Ryan Mathyzen

unspoken words
Words have no meaning-nor beginning,no end
Same as thoughts are not as clear as they used to be
The lies that were spoken-are the reality of today
The truth is regarded as nonsense
we live in a upsidedown type of world 
Where everyone has a secret, they are trying to protect
No one wants any story to leak out
When something is too perfect-it leads to doubt
When push come to shove-everyone is in disarray
no one can think outside the sphere,they find themselves in
The sph...
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Ryan Mathyzen

As I lay on my bed
I reminisce about all the positive things that happened in my life
As I cycle back and forth on these fond memories
I noticed the joyous expression upon my face 
Why cant I relive these precious moments anymore?
Faking a smile-just doesn't sit right with me
I can see things unfolding-and it does not even bother me at all
Trying to be good in a cruel world is torture
Show them who you are and be thoroughly ignored
There is no place for my kind here
I am a...
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Ryan Mathyzen

the reaper
A resurgence of power is imminent
the fate of humankind is non-existent
The lone warrior has not met its match
The antagonists are disrupting the peace
The watchers are observing everything
the reward is worth the bounty on his head
He cannot be taken lightly
A dangerous man like him-has volatile intentions
he towers over grown men, like children
His face full of scars from all the battles he won
He smiles like someone who has teeth
He has no family-no wife and no son
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Ryan Mathyzen

Keeping in touch
The network between two chirping birds
Tweeting on a power line
No one knows what the relationship is between them
Nor can we understand the sounds
But somehow not knowing something, in this case is fine
It is truly a sight to behold
In general we ought to listen with understanding
we ought to understand that animals use instinctive behaviour
what they do is uncontrollable
It all comes natural
They only survive to mate
And mate in order to survive
What can we learn...
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Ryan Mathyzen

The beginning of the day is so wonderful,
Majestical even
The joy of being alive
Just being blissful
Im living the way I was intended to live
To be able to live a righteous life
Whilst everyone is walking with a weapon to defend with
You can literally cut the tension with a knife
Some would call it life
I call it chaos-A huge mistake
Too many people want to be fake
Good people ends last for goodness sake!
You have to act in order to progress
most of the peopl...
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Ryan Mathyzen

As the clouds start to form and the rain droplets begin to pour
The sun is being blocked by a gigantic cloud
As the soil begins to dampen
As I heard a thundering sound
I mute my ears,so that I can hear nothing
All I want is a place for my head to beam
To think about positive things
Thinking out loud
At night I cannot dream-the dreams I want to dream
Instead my head is spinning
getting dreams of a new beginning
as the water level rises
So does my ambitions grow
It is easy...
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Ryan Mathyzen

Happy life
If I could describe my life in one word
It would be monotony
Every week in and week out
I go to work and get paid at the end of the month
A routine that seems seemingly endless
My days off are so relaxed
Without the hassling and fussing, working with files
Away from unnecessary banter and chatter
Away from unnecessary drama
Away from it all
Life away from work is just so much better
Alone with just a book and a pen
Painting my thoughts on a page
All my emotions gushed o...
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