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Mahesa Jenar

Try exploring the small alleys in Legian
usually it's not just hiding history
but also a pile of memories that never end
everything appears and is timeless
when the leg swings, the eye stumbles on a centuries-old statue
fill our imagination how clever the stone carver is describe a civilization
realizing how much this place is full of revelations and blessings

In the end it will end our steps here
walking back like white waves swaying ripples
then pull over standing at this twilight...
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Mahesa Jenar

Sleepy leaning
on the eyelids
offer a box
seductive dream
even though i'm still
want to keep watch
waiting for you here
with a box of words
then we with
stumbled upon it
be a love poem
pure and warm
full of passion
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Mahesa Jenar

The drizzling rain in the city of Ambon peeked at an unusual, always beautiful twilight that grew from the peace and smiles of its residents. And when the drizzle was getting sweeter, a thin, frail old man with only one leg left, sat in silence, challenging the dim sun, facing the glow of the horizon, letting the twilight blush more and more coquettishly orange. In fact, he was very restless when the sun broke. The man is usually called Sastro. People who know him will be thrilled when this name...
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Mahesa Jenar

To Mr. Chuck Berry
Maybe you want to hum long
about cross trails and sculptures of hard times
who diligently peels off the skin of your chest
there life grows and the night becomes
time is getting paler

Maybe you want to change to something more rock n roll
just wash away the restless past
although there is no clear guarantee for the future
but you know, a song has to be done well
even though the rhythm n blues make you bored
even if your hair
getting paler and whiter

Maybe you want to lean your ti...
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Mahesa Jenar

The journey of love towards being together and being happy is steep and hard, My dear

I feel like I'll get lost, and repeat the same and different paths a lot before getting there

I hope it's not too late

Only you can strengthen me

So, will you sing that old song of yours again?

Give me a sign from your song, because there are many traps there, I often go astray myself

I beg you, sing your old song one more time, and let my dreams come to you
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Mahesa Jenar

One of the main resolutions this year is to reform the heart. Re-manage the concession of heart management in a fair and civilized manner. The heart and its contents, which are the origin of good and bad life attitudes, are used properly.

The journey of life is carried out based on the principle of continuous honesty, insightful love, and by maintaining a balance of love and longing. The practice of jealous capitalism which only contains negative elements, trips out indiscriminately.

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Mahesa Jenar

You say, "I want to run from the noise of the crowds to the quietest wilderness where the water sings and tells of purple butterflies and all the dreams that have been severed since the early hours of the morning."

What are you afraid of, my friend?

Life is about courage, facing all question marks without knowing the end, without us being able to bargain, accept it, face it.
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Mahesa Jenar

Twilight Rhymes
At that time the sky fell -- fell on me. Overwhelms the memory, then throws me instantly into the distant afternoon, into the falling twilight.

Still the same red, the twilight violet reflected from your red eyes, which were fixated on me.

Since then, a twilight has always reflected in your eyeballs, clouded, hardened, moved, remained dark.

Now, another twilight is still reflecting and fading -- fading into the embrace of the night.

I keep going, let go of the past, leave you without...
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Mahesa Jenar

Rainy days become a smile for your world, since you recognize the smell of earth and rocks. You catch the rain with your forehead, your whole chest, with your knees and ankles. You speak the rain as fluently as you speak with the constellations of Orion and the Milky Way, long before you learned your mother tongue.

The rain that falls at night tells about the secret of a drop of tears to a desire that is already barren, emerging from several messages, fb chats to soap that slips in a sinkhole...
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Mahesa Jenar

I keep imagining
There are a lot of green and yellow stripes
There are a lot of silver color fast switching
The green color bends outward and rises to the top
Silver -- gold -- gray -- green sliding down
With sharp white bubbles following it
All the lives that are the week ahead are there

I keep imagining
Someone is dancing gracefully
Leaning body to the right and to the left
Sniffing ripples and bubbles
Chasing a smaller form
Blue sparkle splashed by water
Charming rolling light...
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Mahesa Jenar

You must want everything to be okay, because of love

But love makes you hurt

The wound of her sorrow constantly stretches her bow forcefully

While the arrow didn't hit the target

Not going back to where it came from
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Mahesa Jenar

night creeps. darkest of all the nights that can be remembered. waves of courage coincide with all fear. the enemy was approaching from across the hill. lightning flashes streaked across the sky.  missiles that hit is the end of malice. hours turned into minutes and minutes into the past.  the real battle will never end. no one will win. no one really beats. people are very down. pray. hope to survive the explosion and torment.

the moon sinks in the cypress grove.  the stars sink into the san...
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Mahesa Jenar

All have failed to understand, made mistakes in speech and attitude, and even almost led to a crime. Whoever it is. It doesn't matter whether it's a state leader or a religious leader. It doesn't matter if you just graduated from puberty or who are very old.  Whoever it is. His name is also human. Mistakes are our DNA. Perfection is just utopian to us. The people we revile may be far more noble than us. Only the Prophet and his Messenger are free from sin.  Perfection only exists in the Prophet...
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Mahesa Jenar

It's been a few hours since I've heard from you.  Anxious, of course, you do not need to ask again.  Sorry.  Not being able to reach you doesn't mean I don't think about you.  Rest assured.  Like this time.  High-frequency sound waves echo in the eardrums.  Crowded.  People seemed happy enjoying the atmosphere.  I hope their laughter isn't fake, like mine.

 I deliberately chose the last bench.  I just want to hide my pash face.  Don't want to share sadness with those who are overflowing with...
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Mahesa Jenar

April composes all
 journey of thirty even dates
 save us day and night
 in a country full of rain
 even though the head is still full
 with various round sounds
 from the far shore wind
 to the top of the hills
 we still have to be patient
 Counting lonely moments
 that fell wet and orderly

 April composes the end
 travel on the creepiest night
 when the end of the day finishes at the beginning of another day
 we fold every cover page
 like a book
 store it carefully and
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Mahesa Jenar

I was told to seek God
As they seek God
I do not know 
I can't know
They also don't know
Apparently they're just pretending to know

They can only tell me, look for your god
God they asked me to look for it
Don't speak my mother tongue
Don't speak in my native language
I don't know how to ask

My mother used to invite me to talk to God
And god speaks in my mother tongue
Then God disappeared in my childhood
Then God appeared and drowned when I was in school
I often see God talkin...
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Mahesa Jenar

In the past, there were indeed several poems that were fixated on my happiness and pain, because of you. But now, there's nothing left for you, except for myself. Isn't poetry a literary image? Through it, i want to jump the boundaries, reach what i can't reach.

So ignore my rhyme, once again it's not only about you. And then again, i’m not the one i used to be, am i? The path i take is no longer towards your heart.

Your shadow that used to always come in the afternoon, through the window...
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