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bahri hela

Change the mood
From time to time 
My talk ends by a rhyme

To change the mood
To fight for food

Poverty  swept
Problems, crept
We live in debt
We need help

We need some rage
We want this change
Time for cleaning the page
To delete this sharp stage 

Poverty everywhere
Authority unfair
No responsible can dare
To open files or to share
Pains, or try to care

People suffer
Scarce of water 
No one can utter
Or digging in this matter

A black picture 
Poor people
Dreams ripple
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bahri hela

Every word I utter
Each gesture I did
Every important matter  
Any promise I abid

All are for you

Last night, I dreamt
You came well dressed and fit
All my candles, you lit
Hot words and sweet
Of love,  I meant

My dreams are about you
They are soft and moo
Each picture I drew
Big eyes, color blue
Everything is new
My love grew

All that love is for you

In each look
My love remains straight
In love's book
My feelings still in the same state
My heart shook
In love ne...
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bahri hela

Who is to blame?
Who is to blame?

Blaming is a way
Blaming all the day
It can't be a ray
But a disorder on the play

Blaming is a flee
Like the sting of the bee
Blamed on you, blamed on me
On everything we can't see

Blaming is a clue
On something we drew
To become fruitful and  true
But we are as usual disagree
On anything  we can't see

Blaming on what?

On the system of education
Severe like this new generation 
On the lack of adaptation
And the new organisation 

Who is to blame?...
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bahri hela

The soul and the moon
Her soul was drawn to the moon 
Dreams of spring started to bloom
Whispers of love as sway of balloon
She felt brightening her tiny room
By rays from the heart of the moon
heralds her the arrival of a bridegroom

The ghost of her soul 
Which was drawn on the moon
Created inside her the bloom
Of a great love, from her lovely room
That same love, can bloom
Everywhere, very soon

Her heart felt tenderness
To an anonymous love-mate
The beloved reached that sweetness
Its honey tasted...
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bahri hela

Humanity needs hope
Needs new globe
Full of stars
Far from wars, 

Globe bare of insanity
Insanity of grave war

Refugees became apart
They need a new start
A ray of light
A future bright
They fear the night
The war and fight

Refugees still suffer
Alone, they face their matter

They suffer a lot
This is a great blot

No guns and no sin
War of fear, war of tear
They want forget all the ruin
They want to win

Refugees from here and there 
They all share 
Same fear, sam...
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bahri hela

I do believe in beauty 
I do love seas
Green mountains 
Yellow trees
I do love summer
I do love colors
flowing water
In beautiful manners
Banks of the valley
Full of shore stone
Mark the way
Regularly shown
Way of love
Art of poetry
Beauty from above
Poet's property
Contemplations drove
Dreams of creativity
Mixed colors show
Blue, green and yellow
White, orange to follow
The clean water flow
Smooth wind blow
Sent, as an arrow
To make beauty grow
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bahri hela


Alone in her way
Alone all the day

No ring of phone, 
No friends in her home
No care shown

Alone she prays
Here and there she stays

Painful her last days 
No sound in her ears
No call from her peers

Pain in her heart
Heavy like dart

Feels deep pain
Near to be insane
Her voice becomes faint

Alone in her tiny bed
Nothing other can be said
Even she has no maid

She can't bear all that negligence
Her soft soul needs tolerance
She needs a glance to...
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bahri hela

Tight the heart becomes
Fed up of starking drums
Pain in my head, no one cares
Today everyone on me dares
As if my days followed by damns

Tightness of my life cuff me
I want to cry I feel suffocated
I am no longer free
My dreams far away attracted

Unbearable atmosphere
Full of unreal friends
Sadness expresses my fear
Indecision filled my trends
Eyes full of tear 
groans the heart sends
Disappointment is all the blear

Crying is my eyes speech
Hidden smile never be rich

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bahri hela

Bitter Friend
The bitter friend

Who smiles while you die
Feels happy when you cry
Full of hypocrisy and never shy

The bad friend

Who looks for a reason
To put you in a prison
Prison of despair all the season

The unbearable friend 

Who doesn't care 
Works hard to be unfair
Runs for a political chair

The unacceptable friend

The shameless
In a good atmosphere creates stress
His relationships full of mess

HB Poems
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bahri hela

Fine lines of dawn creep in
New atmosphere I have just seen
Strange image with isolated dream
Far from reality where I have been

When sitting in the green grass 
When living with my dreams in stress
I see a glimpse of hope in the large space
A little cottage in front of me void of mess

White fog and unclear image
Of a future full of rage
Inside me no longer a green page
But a mixture of disturbed age

May be because of my born day
In may usually I need to play
Sometimes I want...
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bahri hela

The soul
Inside each human a certain soul
But no one has the same tool
To follow the life rule 
My soul is so kind and cool
When your soul swim in the same pool
Both have a lovely moon
Your soul is not like hers
You and her are not one but pairs 
Different in the mind
But each one can be kind
A story I'll tell
About someone who fell
into a suspicion like the hell
A trap of hypocrisy and hate 
I'll open a large gate 
About jealousy and her fate 
A neighbor in a good state
Works hard, hate...
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bahri hela

My life is an opened book

His pages full of poems
Lines ends by rhymes
Vocabulary and items

Delicious food by a cook 

Ingredients dance the rock
Letters, words play and shook
Alphabets, take a look

A is the big Art 
Beauty from the start
Creativity of heart
Dream's tart

Force of presence
Glamour of prince

H,  to say Hi 
I,  English language never die

Jealousy has no place
Key of happiness in every space
Love to all race
Mother land , all the praise
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bahri hela

The new monster
I feel alone
Strange in my town
Bitter feeling carrying me down
I feel sad
I Miss my dad
No longer glad
Hypocrisy were shown
Monster inside me has grown
Lies they blown
In grudge they drown
I am suffocated
I feel amputated
My eyes with sadness participated 
My life by tears was irrigated
Problems exacerbated
My monster grow and grow
I feel strong, my voice no longer low
Opened my mouth to blow
Envious people, who drew
Gloomy atmosphere around my life 
Created danger and strif...
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bahri hela

I am not ok
At night
Where there 's no light 
No clear sight 
I didn't feel right 
I followed a think diet 
Against nightmares and shout
In my ordinary bed
I slept like dead
But with eyes opened
Dreams fled
Nothing to be said
Only hopes in the head
Just the mind worked
I tried to sleep
I wanted to go deep
To live my self trip
A neck of a tulip
Dry throat and dry lip
I looked for some water 
Feelings shatter
As if I live the rattle
Sure I am not okay
Again I tri...
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bahri hela

Colors I have seen
An image  like a dream
Full of life taste of creme
Shape of a lovely ball 
Green but not tall
Admired by all

Tufts of hair
I can swear
So lovely, if you care
White fish very glad
Red color of the blood
Black eye protect the land
The mixture of red and white 
Made the green color a light
Enlightens the space around 
Of a lovely ground 

HB Poems
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bahri hela

Big Head
Mind full of thought
Heavy burden brought
Carries all what he taught

Rights and Duties
Deeds, and fees
Problems increase
Nothing cease

Big head full of questions
Smart mind, has reactions
World filled by contemplations

Look far from your eyes
Don't use lies
Lies and doubts paralyse
Human head grow in size

Keep your doubt away
Try just to think and say
In this world we have to play
don't give up, keep straight your way

Everything drawn in the head
Big head, but full o...
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bahri hela

Fake world
Same words,
Same decisions
So sorry about reasons
Same cords,  
Same prisons
Blame for all the seasons
Season of poetry
Lacks honesty 
Needs hymns's density
Season of love
Smell of clove
Lacks zest of beloved
Season of proud
No sound
For success in the ground
Season of mate
Hypocrisy, and hate
Jealousy they create
Drags them to their fate
Season of work
Gossip spark
Need and Lack 
Nest of dark
Rights eaten by big Shark
Why the blame?
Why thi...
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bahri hela

Changing minds 
Searching binds
Finding dialogue all around

All depends on "logic"
As in food, you need garlic
Avoiding conflict
Living without constrict
Finding trick

The dialogue is a soul
A solution, and a rule
Dialogue is the best tool

Changing minds 
Means changing lives
To thrive
To be able to drive
Gatherings in life or in prive

Dialogue becomes a drug
Like a country flag
A soul, not a simple rag

Everything depends on logic
Facilitate language traffic 
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bahri hela

Stop Bullying
Something seems fuzzy
A call to take it easy
Advice to feel breezy
Smell the Flower Daisy
Be friendly not be lazy

Violence, bullying I see
Friendly you have to be
Take it easy you and me
Your smile mustn't flee

Don't bullying, 
Avoided laughing
Hated flaunting

Bullying creates pression
Hinders our noble mission
Gives nasty impression

bullying is a bad act 
Has an ugly impact 

Deteriorates our values 
These are bad news

Bullying is impoliteness
Lacks mind fitness...
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bahri hela

Crown of Success
Happen today
Great success 
Nice to  say
Great promesse

Happy to guess
What in the press
Best success
Great happiness

Best application 
In the heart,  in the ocean
Feel the notion

Good process
Crown of success
My lovely Prince 
I feel the mess

For good prize
There is a price
You did the nice

Best achievement 
Nice appeasement

From my son
The great man

I feel proud
'Filled the ground 
By Zaghrouda
Very loud

HB Poems
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