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Asleep in The Matrix
They say the revolution will not be televised 
I believe when it happens many will be asleep 
Sheep stuck in Babylon, the Matrix 
Red Pill or Blue Pill ? neither I’ll take my Daily Bread
With inflation rising I need the bread daily 
No, My name is not Neo and I’m not saying I’m the ONE
I’m just a free thinker  unlike Jack I’m not in the Box I just think out of it 
Many are boxed in like take out if they don’t watch it they might get taken out and not on a date but by Lies, toxicity, and p...
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Training Season
Training Season 
Russia is marching to the  Ukraine and America is marching towards Perdition 
I’m marching toward Zion that Beautiful City of GOD

When I couldn’t march anymore that’s when He carried Me I only saw One set of foot prints
No these weren’t carbon but Spiritual 

The race isn’t given to the Swift but to those that can Endure till the end, the tortoise and the hare I’m telling You I only dodged that bullet by a hair

He has mercy on Me even when I know what the devil I’m...
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H.O.E (Hell On Earth)
H.O.E. (Hell On Earth)

Somebody told me that it’s dark and hell is hot
My feet is to the fire and it’s hot as hell if You don’t believe me then get at me dog, I’m sliding into this like a DM to an X so this is how it’s going down 

I don’t need a mob when I go deep I used to be a prodigy at reeking havoc now I’m giving them Good Trouble ,John Lewis 

Crime, Poverty, Bigotry, Hate, Classism, Racism, Drug Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Self Abuse, Suicide is all on the menu in Hell’s Kitchen, I li...
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So if know a couple of people that’s dabbling in oxy do I call them oxymorons 
They’re trying to mask the pain and they refuse to face their fears 
Family and friends are reduced to tears

I’m a Pepsi guy but I know people who are fans of Coke
Not the one in the red can but the one you sniff until your nose is red 
I read in between the lines and they just do lines never stopping to smell the roses 
But sniffing the Coke instead 
Yes, I drink the dark soda, the dope boy cooks the baking...
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God Flow (Akbars)
Beanie Sigel said he could feel it in the air I need for you to feel this poem in your soul

Let it move on you like the Holy Ghost shaking and quaking like somebody that got made holy from the toast

I’m not the Almighty GOD, I’m just a god that shall die like man but just trying to make sure it’s not by man

Yes, I have a god flow that’s why I can spit akbars and I’ve been told they’re truly the greatest 
When I write or recite poetry I get tunnel vision, El Chapo, my name isn’t Don but...
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Black Lives Scatter
Instead of seeking a degree or picking up a trade you would rather seek a gun and trade drugs for cash

You would rather hug the block like Botham Jean’s  family hugged that cop and cop more ammo and drugs to pump and dump into the community like it’s a hoar or THOT

Apparently the community is an afterthought instead of shooting for the stars you cowards shoot at  the people killing other black men, women, and children, anybody in the crossfire 

Unlike Robin Williams I truly don’t Doubt...
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MCD ( Mind Control Device)
Conversation is a dying Art

Many no longer wants to take part in reality 

Like Elmers their eyes stay glued to the iPhone or the Android 

Transforming them into i Robots and Androids , cyborgs that aren’t doing any Justice for the League 

 People used to casually gaze up at the sky now it’s more like Skynet  the machines are rising 

And the people are getting a rise out of the machines 

Literally men would rather dock at porn hub than drop their anchor at the fleshy hub of a re...
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Drug Noir Pt 2
Yes, We all fall down but if you OD off the fentanyl you won’t be getting back up

It will be the last temptation, you can tell JESUS all about the last temptation 

Once you make the cross over like Allen Iverson, they lace it up with fentanyl because the dope is stepped on like the dance floor 

When they find you chances are you’ll be lying on the floor because that fentanyl wiped the floor with you

So will your fellow addicts soldier up and make it their Duty to make the Call

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Black Thought
There was a time when they used to whip my ancestors and bound them in chains

Now we’re encouraged to buy foreign whips and expensive chains

Inheriting the last name of our slave masters now musicians are slaving for their masters

We were told Christianity was the true religion and nowadays they rocking True Religion 

Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin  but full of the devil and full of hell black people and America as a whole is on the way to hell in a hand basket 

Sistahs want...
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Money Dialogue
Apparently Common Sense isn’t Common

Until I learned how to invest I was a Common person making Common Cents

After One Day It’ll All Make Sense I ain’t listened to Common Since

One day I knew I would make real cents Toucan Sam told us to follow our nose
mine told me to follow the money 

The only time I deal with politics is when I’m handling Dead Presidents 
I’m interested in those bills not necessarily the ones congress tries to pass 
Bill Clinton denied his relations with Monica...
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Health Scare ( Do No Pharm)
When I think of  FARM I think of healing produce and vibrant fruits that bless us with vitality 

When I think of PHARM I think of harm and collateral damage, I think of an infinite fatality 

Creating diseases but not creating a cure and the lines are starting to blur, it becoming obscure 

We’re victims of a broken healthcare system and it’s scattered like the Triforce 

Big Pharma, Corporations, and the Government are taking it by force 

Prevention is the best medicine but American...
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I’m So Over You, My Emancipation
No more talk 

Please stop all the apologizing 

I’m really over all the agonizing 
Don’t butter me up 

Stop sending flowers 

Our rue is no longer thick 

You made me physically and emotionally sick 

You told me over a year ago you would stop the domestic abuse 

You told me over a year ago you would stop the substance abuse 
I was the subject of your abuse 

At one point in my life I was a recluse 

I verbally told you No, my body told you No but in your mind You decide...
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For The Love Of Java
Whether it’s morning, night or day I be craving that Java
I love how it flows through out my body and soul like lava
I instantly feel nirvana every time I take a sip
I just can’t explain the euphoric grip 
Keeping me with a caffeine high and a luminous smile 
Yes my favorite vegetable is a coffee bean 
Even though I know it’s really not a vegetable 
I feel comatose like a vegetable when I don’t have it
Some take it with sugar, cream, syrup and other types of ingredients 
But I prefer it...
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Hump Day
I’m trying to get over the hump

She came over to hump

She has a big booty I gotta reposition my self to hump

She has dangerous curves so I find myself Tokyo Drifting 

Periodically she manually shifts my gear sometimes fast and sometimes furious and eventually I pop off like Dom

I’m not the Hulk but I’m still smashing 
I’m not a Carolina Panther but I’m still pounding 

She loves when I pound the cake I just keep whipping the batter like I’m 
Simon Belmont 

Please know that...
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Money Dialogue 2
I’m not a terrorist I’m just trying to tally my bands just to see how much 
I rack

I’m taking stock of everything I got before I head to the market 

I feel bubbly when I go shopping the associates hand me a glass of bubbly while I’m shopping 

If I see something I want I don’t bother to look at the label, like a corpse I just throw it in the bag

When I was listening to broke people they weren’t making any cents

When I listened to the wealthy I started getting rich and didn’t have...
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The American Scream
The country is on life support, it barely has a pulse 
And the citizens are barely hanging on by a thread

Instead of taking a leap of faith people are leaping to their death
Splattering their frames from the crown of their head to the sole 
of their feet 

Their souls have tasted defeat and they can barely eat or drink 
due to inflation it’s sink or swim do or die

There’s no time to ask Why? all we can do is accept it and push through 
like a syringe Yes I often feel like I m out on...
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Still Asleep In The Matrix
We need to listen to our inner Morpheus, there needs to be a morph in Us

They send Agent Smith because they don’t want us to be Agents of change 

It’s more than a shift in the atmosphere, it’s a shift in the paradigm 

A pair of dimes? then you can just give your two cents and I’ll keep the change 

Red pill or Blue Pill? Republican or Blood? Democrat or Crip? Personally I represent the Green Party 

I told you once before I need my daily bread and I need the bread daily even in a si...
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Coffee Connection
I’m just a star that spends bucks on coffee

I agree with Folgers it’s the best part of waking up

Consuming coffee is a pleasure and hobby I love taking up

Some wanna get high from the product of coca plants 

I just wanna get high from the product of coffee plants

Spending my spare beans on coffee Arabica 

I can make coffee disappear like the last wing or slice abra kadabra

Black coffee no sugar no cream, Black with sugar and two creams
kinda like I love my women it seems...
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A Poet’s Proclamation
Every time I write I put my life on the line

Every time I leave the house I put my  life on the line

When I write, I write my wrongs 

Throughout my life and relationships I strive to right my wrongs 

Really when I write poetry I’m journaling 

Really I’m a poet that’s journeying 

Like Gulliver I’m on my travels 

When I write all my emotions suddenly unravels

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a poem worth?

I say priceless but it can be one of...
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Party in the USprAy
I’m kinda over all the prayers and condolences 

For the longest we’ve been pausing for a moment of silence 

Yet as a country we can’t come up with a solution to silence the violence 

Laws are on the books but like leftovers they don’t get touched 

Instead of getting touched by angels we’re getting touched by bullets 

Adults and young teens alike fail at conflict resolution 

What’s their solution?

Go grab a gun all they see is red so they lack resolution 

And all I see is...
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