Priyanka Patra


Blogging, writing poems, singing, drawing, speaking


Speaker, writer and vocalist

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Anything creative





173 cm

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Dark brown


English, Hindi, Bengali



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Priyanka Patra

Somewhere In Between
In between heartbreak and ecstasy I'll meet you.
At the juncture of lust and innocence I'll embrace you.
Somewhere in the middle of a rainbow and storm clouds I'll see you.

In between black and white you'll meet me.
At the juncture of creation and destruction you'll embrace me.
Somewhere in the middle of the mundane and ethereal you'll see me.

United we would rise with the sun and glow like the moon.
Washed over and over like hungry tides that lick the surf.
Drinking each other to th...
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Priyanka Patra

Without You
It is like the sound of dry desert wind without you
Seeking the solace of a distant oasis.
The rustle of dry autumn leaves
Swirling aimlessly across cobbled streets.

It is like smell of scorched earth without you
Pining for that first spell of rain.
Weary, sleepless eyes scanning the pages of
Time, while the hourglass runs sharp.

It is like unearthed fossils
Dead so much inside 
That even a miracle can't
Bring them back to life.

That's how I am without you.
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