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Its your trouth
Your truth.

 Who would tell me that again

 How the time would come

 To face you ne

 In this country.

 They say lost at once

 Humanity is pain

 That one feels alone

 When he will be alone.

 But I know and I admit it

 Now I'm shouting it

 It's your future

 I have it and I admire it.

 You are not looking at me

 I melt and we enter

 Tears that are of joy

 They are looking at you.

 I confess it was not lost

 It seems to be true

 Thoughts a thou...
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For being father
It does not make you.

 Father, mother, it does not make you, the title that you think you will have for a lifetime and you will carry it, in your mind and heart, unchanged and intact, in any kind of protest of your child.

 You are not born a parent, you become one, but it requires guts, endurance, patience and perseverance, will, but above all pure thought and maturity.

 The child is not a toy, which you acquire and then look for ways to avoid, as far as his upbringing and e...
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Abd now what?
And now what?
You left and my arms emptied, my gaze froze, looking for you everywhere and nowhere.
Your sweet voice is lost, your melodic aura, that gentle caress, that I do not change with anything in the world.
Who will laugh at me sweetly, cunningly, under his mustache, wanting to tell me, go ahead and I'm here, do not be afraid!
Why not expect the end to come, even though we had all reconsidered the situation, none of us wanted to accept it.
We were looking at each other and we were all...
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Touch her!
Touch her!

Do not be afraid to touch
The most valuable I have
It is here on the left
And I'm fine with it.

Come on, simmer a little
He opened his arms
Let me give you a hug
Feel it tenderly.

Do not bend and scare
In pure love
He comes and meets
Every beautiful moment.

It is a blessing for everyone
The bodies as if united
The apocalypse of the soul
So here they will be resurrected.

Whatever people were found
To hurt the hearts
Take ours
To see changes.

Your warm c...
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Angels on Earth
Angels on earth.

whatever up there
the angels shine
shake low here too
dripping sugar honey.

are the children are small
they are afraid and ask
by those in charge of the land
it's just good to see.

of your living dreams
now they have to acquire
meat for all and soul
these to lead.

in places that have treasures
of love and adoration
parents and friends around you
With a soul of courage now

to set an example
to show greatness
of thought and enjoyment
to get the prize....
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Its my opinion
With so many perspectives and anxieties, we cannot see and communicate our beliefs and convictions.
I do not care what the Magnificent, the High Priests propose, when I know, in my heart, that the HOLY SOCIETY WILL NEVER BE BY DIFFUSION AND DISPERSION, since for so many years no one said anything, even if we see it for ourselves. .
When I find out, anxiety, fear, provoked or real, exhausts the possibilities, factors, factors and parameters, eeee! then I do what my logic dictates and not my emo...
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A love that I never expected to be irreplaceable, but above all strong enough to be able to calm me down and travel me.

Writing, the pen, is what we want, let them not manipulate our fears and insecurities and let them stand as tails, helpers and especially those triggers, for our own steps.
Never floating, despite being accessible and approachable, in logic and never in ethereal plans and plans of life.

Our pen will not chatter, if we silence its power and castrate...
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It s not easy!
What if thoughts flow like a stream and your impressions become swift and unexpected?

Be indifferent to mermaids who promise a lot, although they all predispose separately, Scylla and Charybdis!

Nobody is able to see and realize how much it hurts us, how much we really want to respect our works and their readers, since WITHOUT ALL OF YOU, WE WILL ONLY BE PEOPLE OF OUR MIND!

While with the honor that you do us, the deposit of our soul acquires the gift it deserves ......
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Your own gold dust, magical and true, to the pure, pure souls.
Not only do young children have it, but this purity and purity has been diagnosed in other souls, who fly high, in another dimension.

Send your gold dust up there, to see our care and our constant interest, even now.
please, let it remain intact, blooming from the fruits of our tears without being felt.

Last year we clapped his hands in the zeppelin of his soul, we all admired him and had a good time, but this year,...
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Your time
Your time!
You have been here for so many days, between us I felt you, I felt you and most of all I felt your aura, your look.
For so many days we were moving our own threads, procedures, that concerned you, we were building your little palace and it is already ready, you can rest and rest in Peace!
Everything is ready, your flowers, your photo, that select house that your grandchildren painted and each one captured their soul separately, their offer, to your own gifts of life, which you gene...
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You flew
You flew.

Lord even if you were born
with wealth in your heart
they were left behind
yes yes my consolation.

memories are gushing
from my inner soul
inheritance was made
your whole soul now.
diamonds fly out
pictures of my life
in those where it is awarded
your whole existence.
you stood a life
for me the guard
you always showed up
in every attempt of mine.

Even if you did not finish all school.
for me you were Rector
value and truth
 University graduate
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Why don't you calm down?
For hours and seconds I meditate, I apologize, I accuse harshly
  But I do not draw anything, nor do I come to any conclusion,
  All blurry, years reversed, deer unwritten and duplicates
  But now unjustly, in vain, I am educated, I know, I can even seek it as redemption.

  They yell at me that it's a shame, unfair to you, for what you wear, what you did
  It's over, it's over, fortunately or sadly, history will judge us
  Everyone's funds are not affected by suffering and hardship.
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Who cursed you
Who cursed you?

fear and terror was born
true love
and you made a plan
suddenly lost forever.
paths to carve
and so from next to me
my parents to look at?
to get one forever
to lose every look
I shout pain I bleed
I want to be this lie.
but as I count I count again
the days I note
there are many that I shield
I whine and sway.
but this is also yama
balm on my wounds
which will always be open
amulet in my arms.
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Love can also be VOLUNTEERED ....

La FAMILY we mean
 , love and unity
Protection and truths
The purity of our soul

To give from the heart
Share to all
To open our pockets
To chase away devils.

Those who are stubborn
And they want to be seen
Only their own money
To be justified.

Families are the joy
Laughter the song
We are all families
Every kind of flower.

That's coming. And he is looking
To give love
To share it from the soul
Do not be deluded...
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All on time
All on time.
Every thing in its time, the older ones say even though the younger ones hear it.
We never rush situations if we are not able to cope and play a special role.
In each of our dreams, its realization will depend on how much we are able to claim it.
Above all, it will show us what we are capable of sacrificing, without avoiding responsibilities and our own procedural elements, our offer and responsibility.
I heard everything in his time from a young age, but I was in a hurry to se...
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1.in the stacked arms.
1.in the stacked arms.

Oppression and irresponsibility lurk and capitulate in the solid arms of affirmation.

With the power of superiority and the non-existence of duty, the will and the justification of moments, minutes and irregularities of the active and contributing proof of the non-existence of philotimos lag behind.

For which the Greeks are always distinguished and will be distinguished, with or without judgment.

And yet existential events, of insurmountable belief, of our...
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The exemptions in the haste of responsibility were squeezed!
Deterrents and committees were set up in the seats of the law and the mainly imperative, with prudent methods.
But the distraction of the convenient prestige of empowerment and overexposure of our own causes and expediencies, inactivate the lure of necessity.
Deprived of their views, they stand on the steps of the ascent of Golgotha, where pain and tears prevail, where anxiety and fear thrive.
It is difficult to assume resp...
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They creak
They creak.
The foundations are creaking but nothing is visible on their horizon
They have settled everything and their irregularities are covered.
In their heinous crimes, quorums losses and gaps
It is as if their emotions are going on strike, without protesting.
Everything tastes drinks of obscenity, of illicit function but there
To prove the self-evident paths of anticipation, without the thread.
They cut it a long time ago, but where to find the guts to retrieve the corpses
There onl...
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It is not a few times that we were called to defend our seas, that we mourned unjust victims, in time Peace!
It is not a few times that our glorious Navy, the Navy, with glory and Grace always carries out the orders it receives from the Supreme!
It is not a few times that the Leaders of our Country, managed to confuse us and to look for the causes and the unreasonable and causes, rather causal their results, to fall into reading, to find in our ignorance, to learn and to to set an example for...
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I'm old!

my sweet manoula,
come to my sleep,
your love to feel
learn our news well,
to inform you
that everything is going well
in your arms to close.

ah my manoula
as much as we bonded
nothing is enough for me
as long as the hours of wishes
that you shared generously
and love from your heart
they were stuffed
my life wreath.


in a short time
of a month grace
you did to me and you stayed
and tied up a couple.

whatever we lost
on the road of our lives
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