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Lewis Jian

For Anna
For Anna 

You'll never know
whenever I miss you
I simply turn to gaze 
at the marigold
in my garden
shiny green
fragrant and pretty
young as you are
enjoying the sunshine
in late June
What if the sun 
forgets to shine
this coming summer
I'm afraid
as well as your smile 
won't flower
If you forget
to send me blessings
from the other side
of the world
once in a while
via the breeze
I'm afraid
my poetry won't fly
in the coming years

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Ndiritu Mwangi

It's no longer black & white,
They're shades of greys in the spectrum
Where boys learn to take
opioids to conceal an emptiness,
escape reality in intoxicated spurts
or trade in drugs to feed themselves
while speeding towards the cliffs
Their manhood is a little torn
from constant pressure to perform
and slowly getting swallowed
by the insecure anxiety within.
Man leans upon a crooked system
of a society watching prejudices
festering in an environment hostile
to the growth of his se...
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Mahesa Jenar

In the past, there were indeed several poems that were fixated on my happiness and pain, because of you. But now, there's nothing left for you, except for myself. Isn't poetry a literary image? Through it, i want to jump the boundaries, reach what i can't reach.

So ignore my rhyme, once again it's not only about you. And then again, i’m not the one i used to be, am i? The path i take is no longer towards your heart.

Your shadow that used to always come in the afternoon, through the window...
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I pray for all of us
Poem #2,694 I pray for all of us 

Growing up, I was blessed enough to be told the story, about the three righteous men, in one house hold a circle was drawn around the leader and only his immediate family was welcome. In the second household, a circle was drawn around the leader and his extended family, aunts, uncles and cousins could join but in the third household, a circle was drawn big enough, that it would encompass everyone who needed shelter and all were welcome, and that is me, I pray...
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It will heal
Poem #2,693 It will heal 

What You put me through, doesn’t even matter anymore! The only things relevant about what you and I shared, for the time we shared it, is the fact that I know how to love me now and I also have learned when enough is enough. In the act of loving on you, I all but lost my me and on the road back to redemption, from a placed point by your side labeled as hell, I can only acknowledge this truth about my pain, It will heal.

You tried to break me, daily insults, system...
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Sneaker Head
We heard enough about Jane’s Addiction 
Now let’s talk about my addiction sneakers 
First up the Air Force 1’s yeah some are addicted
to that white dope I just rock dope white Air Force 1’s
every time I lace them up I take flight and even if I’m not 
wearing them, like a 21 gun salute, I aim high even though they have the high tops
I stick with the classic 07 lows

Next up Penny Hardaways I remember earning pennies 
the hard way just to get me a pair once I held them it was 
magic Pe...
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Ryan Mathyzen

in the life of pretend
we make our own rules
we do not pretend to abide by it
we create scenarios
to see how each one will pan out
we pretend everything is okay
for we do not wish to be reminded of how life really is
we pretend to be better off
when all we want is affection and trust
we pretend to be faultless
when mistakes are limitless
we pretend to be shameless
but we bring shame upon our loved ones
we do wrong and ask for forgiveness
some pretend that nothing is wrong
and keep...
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Can't believe im crying
Soon il have to let you go
My heart is denying
But its out there you have to grow

Look at all my tears
Dear God my worst fears
Everything has an end
Il soon be a forgotten friend

I don't want to lose it
But we didn't choose it
A jewel i will never find
A gem that smiles so brilliantly in my mind

Should i pray?
What should i say?
Uhh the pain
It will never be the same

Gone for someone else to share
When i took so much time to care
Leaving my barre...
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For no ointment
It is not worth falling to pieces and losing the earth under our feet.
Love wants and expects us to step on solid ground and guide our own paths and not necessarily our Calvary!
We must not see ourselves on the floors, since love does not want you to roll for it, but to roll through it.
Love feels, hopes, expects many and various things, but it does not want to hurt us, to tear our hearts and above all not to make us its burden.
I will never agree to a heavy dose of it,...
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Neo-Post-AD: Metaphysical Crisis #1: beyond the evolution of personal spin.
We all need reliable and stable alter-egos; those that are not tethered to the vacillating selves of a singular psyche, that is (if possible) distinct from the universal soup of being; tirelessly (but not always) shaping and performing a history, a story, as a means to capture, understand, relate the inconvenience (not always) of establishing (or abolishing) connections; a network in which to play, playback or perhaps destroy (inadvertently or otherwise) via scapegoats and other trickery. 

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Minority Report ( Social Justice Worriers)
Instead of fighting for the majority
you fight for the minority and when 
I say minority I don’t mean People of

Speaking of People of Color BLM black lives 
only matters when a white cop kills a black person
when a black man kills another black man, women, or child 
you go silent like when a woman is fed up

Well I’m fed up of all the hypocrisy the African Americans that don’t get 
murdered in the streets in cold blood get murdered in the womb
now that’s cold blooded so lik...
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Ndiritu Mwangi

Brown shoes for an interview
These worn brown shoes my brother-in-law wore
do not fit well into feet unused to expensive tastes
I try them on,
to travel into the dream of an office
the shirt collar could tell the tale; of sweat
 sometimes tears of age it hides, a skin of cotton

These yellow socks with green stripes may have been 
part of my niece's school uniform, but upon my feet 
they're worn, toes that have tasted the waste in gullies
and the mud caked crusts in the slum chasing
elusive dreams in an unforgivi...
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Life is life and death is apart of that.
Poem #2,695 Life is life and death is apart of that.

My Mom was up in age when she had me, due to this fact, I’ve been losing those dearly close to me all of my life. At first, like most, I began to begrudge death, feeling as if those around me who died, were being taken, and so I took it personal. Viewing death as more of a punishment doled out, than anything else. Figuring that one day would be my time, to be absconded and taken away from those that I love. Back then I had no understanding,...
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We sing about rainbows, make and watch movies about rainbows even fantasize about what's at the end of the rainbow. We daydream there's another world at the end of that rainbow a world where we may find a pot of gold. We daydream there's another world at the end of the rainbow where we can have leprechauns to grant our wishes, desires and hopes. Some of us follow the end of the rainbow hoping to follow our dreams. Our dreams to be carefree to transform ourselves to something else such as a bird...
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Pieces Of A Brick
I was shaped and formed my mother’s womb was the pot
whipped up in the kitchen like a slave long before I made addicts
a slave to me

Long before I made addicts misbehave because of me 
They built me up just to break me down again weighing me on scales that had nothing to do with justice 

They say justice is blind and so were the cops on the take I have many names some refer to me as coke because I give them that fizz that they looking for never been in a red bottle but I’ve been snort...
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